Zsa Zsa Gabor to become A MOTHER!?!

Or at least that’s what Prince Frederic is planning using (presumably his) sperm, an egg doner, and a surrogate mother. :eek: This is like a really late and twisted April Fool’s Day fake story. When I saw the byline at the bottom of the TV screen I thought “that can’t possibly be what I read”. Apparently they talked about this when they first got married and Zsa Zsa has been talking about it again recently. My elderly (& legally blind) late grandmother used to occasion talk about she’d spent all day on her hands & knees scrubing the floors and tell us (her adult grandchildren) it’s time for our bathes. Or make us help her look for her ration book because she needed to got the market. Even Francesca Hilton think’s it’s “just weird”.

Zsa Zsa Gabor is still alive?

Knowing both their ages, I wonder if dementia is kicking in. They are unlikely to even live long enough to raise the child through kindergarten. At this point, if you want a kid in your life, there are other, better methods.

Make Paris the surrogate. That’s some twisted genealogy right there.

If she’s not providing the egg or the uterus, she’s essentially adopting a baby. Which at her age and with her health problems is really unfair to the kid.

Aren’t they pretty rich?

They have to know they won’t live to see very much of this child’s life, so presumably there will be someone in line to care for the child when they pass, and of course the kid will inherit a ton of dough. I agree that it isn’t a very smart decision, but long term I doubt the kid will be really harmed.

I think it’s just a publicity stunt. Isn’t Zsa Zsa barely alive at this point? Prince Von A-hole claims that he’s young enough to raise a child. :rolleyes:

One columnist I read speculated that von Anhalt has gotten a young woman pregnant, and this is all his elebaorate cover story.