Zubeidat Tsarnaeva-Anyone else think she's a hottie?

I think Zubeidat Tsarnaeva is one hot babe. Not joking, in the least.

She does have some bags under her eyes, apparently when she’s not well rested, and there are some scary pictures of her, but, I think, overall, she’s smoking hot. She used to be uberhot in her younger pics, but, she ain’t bad now. Not bad at all. Says me.

Anyone else agree? Disagree?


However in this photo (assuming it is her) she looks decent.

No wonder so many Islamists hate us. We are talking about the fuckability of a terrorists mom.


No, my friend, we’re not talking about the fuckability of a terrorists mom…we’re talking about bridging the gap of time and past differences, of pouring water onto a desert…of sharing love in a time of sorrow, of healing and of binding wounds, with…love!

I love you, my fair, Zubeidat. Come with me, and we shall have our own Paradise!

BTW, why should an Islamist hate us for talking about whether or not one is a milf…does the Quran forbid same? I think not!

Took me a while to figure out what the T stood for.
OK, I’m better now…

Oh, and to be real, I don’t mean she’s flashy hot…I mean she’s the more sedate kind of hot.

It might help of you shared the pics you are using to make your judgement.


Point well taken.



I’m going to call these representative, because, like I said, the bags under her eyes often disappear, and I attribute it to sleeplessness, just based on experience with my friends. Point being, the ragged look isn’t her, IMHO.
Also, of course, the youngest picture (#2?) is old, but I think it may put her in context, not trying to be crafty.
The very last link was taken…I don’t know when. It looks like it could be early to mid-thirties, but, it may be very recent.
Of course, there are some really scary pics of her, but, on viewing the videos, they seem to be the one shot that makes her look scary, etc…
To be honest, in some she looks like a witch, but, video-wise, which I call realistic, she ain’t nothin’ bad.
I say ‘smoldering’.

is that any worse than a culture which blames women for the inability of men to control themselves, requiring said women to dress a certain way so as not to “tempt” men? both are sexist but one is (IMO) way more oppressive than the other.

I think she da’ bomb!

She’s certainly better than those dolls you blow up.

What makes you think handsomeharry is not the type of person who blames women for the inability of men to control themselves?

whether he does or not is irrelevant; I was responding to Wesley Clark’s comment that this is why “Islamists” hate us.

What makes you think all “Islamists” make their women wear burqas?

Actually, I think her husband is hot . . . but in a very creepy way.

I’d like to apologize to everyone, everywhere for this thread.

no, no. this thread is a great idea! let’s all share our feelings about the sexual hotness of various alleged terrorists and terrorist sympathizers.

here, I’ll start it up!

tamerlan tsarnaev. he thought he was such hot shit in his boxing gloves, but just look at those fatty abs and that chubby squirrel face. probably smell like dinty moore beef stew. yep, it is a good thing he is dead now because I sure wouldn’t want to do the nasty with his chunky ass! 4/10

dzokhar tsarnaev. mmmm mmm, now we talking, girlfriends! his delicate features and tender fluffy hair draw your thoughts to what kind of lush foliage grows on the slopes of the caucasus… if you know what i mean and i think you do!!! i’d love to stuff him into my duct-taped sealed pressure cooker and let things heat up to an explosive climax! 9.5/10

and guys, i’ma give you a confidential national security tipoff about osama bin laden: that beard look like it would have felt fantastic on my clitty. 10/10


Because you…

Dislike Islamic people?
Islamic women?
Despise male appreciation of women?
Think that you have the right to apologize a thread of which you are no part?
Because you crave attention, and think the field is ripe on this thread, and people will give you attention because it is in reference to a woman who is in an extremely difficult spot, and you can use her pain to draw attention to yourself with some hijacking (no pun intended)?
Think anybody cares that you can be so rude about something in which you have no part?
Reported to mods.

If you think this thread is a great idea, and why shouldn’t you, I’m sure you have a life, and have better things to do than shit on some thread that doesn’t concern you, then start your own. It is about the mother, not your clitty.