1/19 Big Bang Theory: The Friendship Algorithm

“You promised you wouldn’t do that anymore.”

Yeah, that was a good bit. I thought he might explode!

I like a show that’s so geeky that the writer actually explains this joke (What part of an inverse tangent approaching an asymptote don’t you understand?) on the vanity card at the end.

She was busy getting saved from her evil boss who wanted her plane blown up.

(That is, she was the guest star on Leverage tonight.)

The guy who plays Sheldon has this character nailed down and wrapped up really tight, just like Sheldon. The other characters have not crystallized as well. I used to room with someone very much like Sheldon back in my college days during the last millennium.

Actually, I was thinking it was an adlib. There’s something noticable about an actor laughing in character and actually getting cracked up by something unexpected…

Is it in the picture on this page?

Looks like a musical instrument, maybe an early electronic keyboard?

This page has a better picture, but nobody there knows what it is for sure.

That is much better. Now it looks fuselike to me. I have a friend who knows about old computers and electronics, I’ll ask him.

Yeah - that’s it.
For whatever reason it caught my attention early on in the series.
My guess would be that it has something to do with older technology, but I know nothing about that type of thing.
For some reason the metal pieces make me think of some kind of lever-clasp, the kind of thing where you press down on a lever to more securely connect 2 things. (I wasn’t kidding when I said I have no expertise in either identifying or describing things mechanical/technological!)

I threw this question out into GQ figuring we’d get more eyes to solve it.

It looks like one of two possible things to me: 1) a high voltage electrical bus, of the type you’d find in a factory or power station or in some scientific installation with high power consumption needs, or 2) a pneumatic valve layout for a pipe organ.

While we’ve got people with access to obscure screenshots, has anyone found pics of the friendship flowchart, pre and post infinite loop?

OK, am I the only one hoping that Crypkey doesn’t become a regular? The speech impediment is not funny. Let it go.

No screen caps, but this blog has recreated both.

You are definitely not the only one. The three watchers in this house agree with you 100%.

Not only is the speech impediment not funny, it’s not even done all that well, which makes it worse. Overall, I find the character an irritating distraction from a show I love, and I groaned when he appeared again this week.

I think the idea of Sheldon having an arch-nemesis could be hilarious, but Barry Kripke is not that arch-nemesis. Happily, the actor’s name (John Ross Bowie) does not appear on the cast list for next week.

I think Sheldon should have credited Wolowitz’s assistance with fixing the infinite loop as a reason for retaining him as a friend over Raj.

I think you underestimate Sheldon’s underestimation of Howard’s intelligence.

The only thing that guy was useful for was to look worse to Penny than Howard.

Besides, Wolowitz’s mom makes one hell of a brisket.