The Big Bang Theory 1/14/16 The Empathy Optimization.

I didn’t see a thread. I really enjoyed this episode. And now we know how Sheldon gets away with all his shi. . . stuff. He’s a jerk but you feel sorry for him.
ETA: Why has Amy been cast off in Skype land?

Perhaps Mayim was ill? Or had some family issues? I guess it’s another way of “phoning it in”, huh? When were these episodes taped, anyway? Around the High Holidays?

Might have been the only way to get the plot to work. If Amy had been around, Sheldon would probably have looked to her for comfort when he was sick. If he’d been as much of a dick to her it would have strained their newly reconciled relationship. Having her out of town set up the situation among Sheldon and the rest of the gang.

Yeah but she was in Skype-land last episode also. It’s like they did the deed and they sent Amy to sleeting Detroit (or was it Cleveland?) to cool off.

I noticed that Leonard has developed a beer belly since marrying Penny.

I wonder how many Periodic Chart Shower Curtains were bought by Leonard and Sheldon. Isn’t that the same shower curtain from the pilot?

My husband pointed out that very same thing. I have noticed that Johnny Galecki has aged the ‘not best’ out of the whole cast.

I missed this thread when I started mine, so I’ve asked mine to be closed and I’ll copy over what I said in my OP. Some of my questions have already been answered.

Maybe the show is taking baby steps? It showed Sheldon realizing empathy is a thing (nice shout out to the season 1 episode where Sheldon gets sick and they implemented Code Milky Green) but I REALLY wanted them to leave him behind. “We accept your apology, you and Stuart have fun, we’ll see you Sunday night.”

How much are party buses, anyway? It seems like an awful lot just for a weekend trip to Vegas.

Emily was not creepy at all in this episode, and I liked her standing up to Sheldon. Raj should have taken her side against Sheldon.

What’s up with Amy only Skyping Sheldon? When they showed the montage of Sheldon being sick I kept asking, “Where the hell is Amy?” Does Mayim have some other obligation?

Their treatment of Stuart is getting old. I really wish they’d include him more, and not just when Howard is in space or the Wolowitz’s need a roommate. I have to give this episode a C+.

And how does a party bus rental work for a whole weekend? Are you just paying for the ride to Vegas, after which the driver returns to LA, or are the bus and driver on standby the whole weekend?

And I also noticed Amy’s absence. I Googled to see if there was an explanation somewhere (e.g., the actress was injured or pregnant) but couldn’t find anything.

(But then again it bothers me that they seem to have all of their group meals sitting around the coffee table, and that seems way too uncomfortable.)

They brought in a decent dinner table a couple of years ago, but of course Sheldon threw a hissy fit and they had to get rid of it. :mad:

Thanks. I think I remember that episode. (It just struck me that for many meals, it’s uncomfortable to try to eat sitting on a sofa or an armchair. For one thing, using a knife and fork is a pain)

I enjoyed the episode, as well. A bit of personal growth for Sheldon is always good! He can have some empathy and still be annoying and funny!

I found this:
I even found a close facsimile to the one in the episode:Baby Blue Party Bus (12-15 passengers)
This is an Idea Choice for Any Las Vegas Trip, Especially with its onboard Restroom . Laser Lights . Dance Pole . Superb Sound System with iPod Connections . DVD/CD Player and AM/FM Stereo … It’s The Perfect Little Party Bus for Smaller Groups
The thing is, to get the rates down, you need to fill it up. Their’s was only about half full.

Looks like me and my friends need to get together and get ourselves a party bus t Vegas!

Sheldon is like Frank Burns: If he were any less of an asshole, he wouldn’t be Sheldon any more. In the words of Larry Linville, he’s a “comedic contrivance.” Any attempt to change the character would just undermine him.

That was, BTW, why Linville left MASH***. His was the only character they wouldn’t let evolve, and he felt constricted in the role. At least, that’s what the MTM documentary said.

And I still don’t like Emily! :mad:

The opening scene with the ladies talking super heroes and the guys reaction is one of my favorites for the series. Well, except for anything involving Sheldon’s mother or sister.

They should have let Stuart back on the bus, and left Sheldon behind.

Forks aren’t a problem. And for the the kind of food they eat, the need for a knife is rare. Believe me, I know.

[quote=“terentii, post:14, topic:743183”]

Sheldon is like Frank Burns.

You mean he eats worms, and is emotionally spent and morally bankrupt? :smiley:

[quote=“quiltguy, post:17, topic:743183”]

No, I specifically said “If he were any less of an asshole, he wouldn’t be Sheldon any more.”

What about that do you not understand? :dubious: :confused:

Yes, like Sheldon said, “Well, isn’t this nice. Sometimes the baby wins.”

It’s a quote from MASH about Frank Burns - I think they write it on a toe tag when Burns is passed out.