Big Bang Theory 1/14/16: The Empathy Optimization

Maybe the show is taking baby steps? It showed Sheldon realizing empathy is a thing (nice shout out to the season 1 episode where Sheldon gets sick and they implement Code Milky Green) but I REALLY wanted them to leave him behind. “We accept your apology, you and Stuart have fun, we’ll see you Sunday night.”

How much are party buses, anyway? It seems like an awful lot just for a weekend trip to Vegas.

Emily was not creepy at all in this episode, and I liked her standing up to Sheldon. Raj should have taken her side against Sheldon.

What’s up with Amy only Skyping Sheldon? When they showed the montage of Sheldon being sick I kept asking, “Where the hell is Amy?” Does Mayim have some other obligation?

Their treatment of Stuart is getting old. I really wish they’d include him more, and not just when Howard is in space or the Wolowitz’s need a roommate. I have to give this episode a C+.

I started a BBT thread last night.

That’s why we need one person to start it a few hours before it starts. To avoid dup threads.

Agreed. I’ll report this one for closing.