1/19 Big Bang Theory: The Friendship Algorithm

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Good ep until the ending. Dropped the damn ball there!

Great part: Sheldon and the little girl actually becoming friends until Leonard stepped in.

Good part: Wolowitz to Penny: I’m looking pretty good now, huh?

Wouldn’t the obvious book choice be Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends…?

The guy playing Wolowitz delivered it well, and the actress playing Penny had a great reaction take. A small bit that I thought was particularly well done.

That was the bit that cracked me up the most.
Sheldon’s whole just passing out and spinning slowly on the safety line made me laugh.

Also the Sheldon’s flowchart of how the convo should go, the others realizing he was stuck in a loop, then Wolowitz editing it so that there was a counter and an out.

The Nerdlinger that I live with was just sitting there staring while Wolowitz edited.

I could see his brain go “hmmm, would that work?”

And Raj was the out person?! Though I did crack up at Sheldon’s realization that this new friendship didn’t get him anything?

<yanking the food out of Kripske’s hand>You’re back in, Raj <turning to K> “He (Raj) likes monkeys”

Monday night at BrassyPhrase home is the CBS sitcom lineup.

(I got him into ‘How I Met Your Mother’ <we both worship NPH>. He got me into ‘Two and a Half Men’. It cracks me up–and I’m not proud of it. And we go back and forth on Worst Week.)


My tv died just before I was going to watch it. Hopefully I can borrow a tv tomorrow so I can watch it (and so my tivo doesn’t overflow).

I’m guessing it was good since my friend IMd me just to ask if I had seen it.

What was wrong with the ending?

Good point about Carnegie – but maybe that would have involved licensing. And I guess it was funnier for Sheldon to be using Stu the Cockatoo is New at the Zoo (which I assume is fictitious).

Funny, but I’d like to see some episodes that aren’t so Sheldon-centric.

“Don’t look at those cameras.” cracked me up.

Now that I think of it, when Sheldon asked the bookstore clerk if they had books on making friends, I thought he’d point Sheldon to the “self help” section. But Stu the Cockatoo is New at the Zoo is definitely funnier.

My favorite parts where Sheldon chatting up the little girl and Penny’s spit-take at Wolowitz. I really think Kaley was dying laughing and it was a wonderful reaction.

We pondered how many takes it took for them to get something they could use. She was definitely cracking up.

Jim Parsons can deliver a line like “First Warning” and just have me rolling on the floor with laughter.

I’ve only seen a few episodes of this show, but I absolutely love it! Last night made me laugh out loud several times. Sheldon is hilarious. Learning to swim from the internet? Penny trying to suppress her laughter was great! And the guys sitting around whistling was too funny.

I think they’ve been doing a good job of avoiding this in recent weeks. First there was the story arc about Leonard’s GF, last week was Wolowitz, and there was on on Raj making People.

Does anyone know what that thing is on the column in Sheldon and Leonard’s living room?

It reminds me of a piano keyboard hung vertically. It is maybe 3 feet long and 6-8inches wide, made of wood with a number of silver-colored metal keys or latches attached to it. The metal keys are all of identical size and shape, but are grouped in different numbers - I believe at the bottom there are 3 keys in a group, then a space, then 5 or 6 keys, another space, another 5-6 keys, etc. The groupings/spacings is what reminded me of a keyboard.

Last night it was clearly visible a number of times, most notably when S&L were talking in their LR in the 1st 1/2 of the show. S was sitting on the couch and L was standing. The object was behind S every time they cut to him. It is on a column, between the two windows in their living room.

Any ideas?

I’m dying here - I work on Monday nights now! and I’m one of the last Americans not on cable so I can’t TIVO. and darn CBS doesn’t run episodes on the web. oh woe. cause I love this show.

No praise for the beginning? Seeing Sheldon go off cause he couldn’t deliver the goods on tapioca?

“Feel better now?”
“I’m not finished. Tapioca is native to Brazil, which also raising the cocoa bean, which is used to make chocolate, which is used in making the best pudding.”

One more thing: how many people caught the math explanation of the asymptote joke at the end of the show on the vanity card?

I’d actually like to see an episode about how the four guys all became friends. Leonard’s explanation didn’t do it justice.

“Whistlers need not apply.”

In a previous episode, when asked why they’re friends with Sheldon, Raj and Howard say they mostly like Leonard.

My favorite but was that 2 of the 3 knew his favorite amino acid (lysine), and that Sheldon was pissed that Raj thought it something else.

Come to think of it, what the Hell happened to Leonard’s girlfriend? I liked her.