1/19 Big Bang Theory: The Friendship Algorithm

Right; I forget how he worded it, but Sheldon did express amazement that Howard came up with the infinite loop fix- which caused Howard to express amazement (sarcastically) that Sheldon has trouble making friends.

How bad could you be at making friends if you have to rely on Howard for “good” advice? :smiley:

In case you missed it, the General Questions thread has a response from the show’s set designer

If only we could get more TV show makers to pay attention to us. We’re so much more worth listening to than those other TV show websites.

Thanks. I started that thread and didn’t realize that it had been answered since stuff in GQ can scroll off the front page very quickly.

So, if it’s a fuse panel from a rocket, I’m wondering who brought it home and put it on the column, Sheldon or Leonard? I think Leonard would be the more likely one- Sheldon is, after all, “more of a theorist”. I could see the DNA model belonging to Sheldon, but I think the rocket fuse board is Leonard’s.

Possibly it was a gift from Howard, the rocket engineer who sometimes works for NASA. :slight_smile:
Leading to a conversation afterwards between Leonard and Sheldon about how you can’t just throw out gifts from friends you see regularly. :smiley: