11 degrees

11 degrees in Texas. This weather is completely (expletive deleted) uncalled for.

-16 in at my house in Denver this morning. It’ll be 9:30 before my testicles drop.

Dear God,
Are you mad at us? Is it something I did?

I was wondering if Denver was getting this. -31 at my house on top of Hoosier pass this morning. Coldest I’ve seen it in 20 years. Weather Channel says -30 in Frisco right now. High of -5 F today

Time for some Fun With Science stuff around the yard… like pole vaulting with the garden hose.

It’s currently 6 degrees here in Grand Junction, up from an overnight low of 3 and headed to a high of 11. We’re forecasted to be -7 tonight. Brrr.

We had a high of 49 on Saturday. I think the weather is bipolar (so to speak!).

Projected high temp today in Canada is 43 degrees F

(OK, it’s the west coast of Canada, but still - I just wanted to rub it in.)

In Milwaukee, just finished snowblowing a good 4 feet of snow. You could walk up the drifts right onto my roof. I’m scared to let the dogs out on their own for the (somewhat real) fear that they’ll go tunneling and get lost.

It’s a freezing 58F here. I don’t even know how I got out of bed this morning.

I’d trade the snow we’ve got for -30 in a heartbeat. I really hate the cold, but not nearly as much as I hate the snow.

-13 this morning at my house in west Denver. I opened the back door to let my dog out to do his business, and he put one paw on the back porch (stone) and looked back at me with a “Are you effin’ KIDDING ME?!” expression.

Yeah… my wife called me earlier and said that the cold water kitchen sink tap isn’t working. Great. I’ve lived in N. Texas for 11 years, and never had a pipe freeze until now.

In Salt Lake it got down to -5 overnight, but now it’s up to 12F. Practically a heat wave!

Last year Houston got below freezing for all of 20 hours. During the Spring and Summer you saw evidence of all the damage that did to residential landscapes, lots of tropicals and semis (like Palms, Bouganvilla, ornamentals) that were either burned way back or dead altogether. With this current blast not only is it colder but it’s going to last a whole lot longer too. It’ll be a busy time for nurserys again and expensive for homeowners.

We’ve got a predicted windchill of 2 coming up, plus snow likely on Friday. One for the record books most everywhere.

This has been one really strange winter. I’m in DC. It’s not the South. It’s not the desert. But it’s 40F here. Supposedly, there’s some bad weather out there, but I haven’t seen any of it.

Great, the wife just called and the sprinkler broke and flooded the yard. Off for parts…

Woo hoo! Cold water works again. Hot doesn’t. Which is kind of perplexing; the hot water run can’t be more than 15 feet total to the kitchen sink, while the cold is probably a lot farther.

It’s 66F here in Northern California right now. I didn’t even bother to wear the fleece I had on this morning when I went out for lunch.

After eight years in the Midwest, this is just freaking weird. I miss the snow.

I had to call somebody in Dallas yesterday. She was frantic. I told her I was calling from Cleveland and refrained from laughing at her.