12-year-old Iraqi girl gets new nose in LA

Saw this headline on Yahoo News, and it is an interesting story.

Reading the headline, however, I could not help but ponder that L.A. is the place to go, as there must be a vast supply of noses left over from all the nose-jobs done there. :smiley:

I hope she doesn’t get Michael Jackson’s leftovers.

I wonder if they let the girl pick her nose.

Oh, that was terrible…

Would this be a bad time to plug the grand opening of my new Gently Used Appendages Factory Outlet? We’ll be having buttocks, 2-for-1!

Wow. What an asshole.

Maybe she has mine? I got a nose job by a doctor just outside L.A, although that was 10 years ago.

Something smells about this whole story. :dubious:

An Iraqi girl with no nose? How does she smell?

No, sorry, the holes are extra and optional.

Nobody nose.

Like she needs a bath.

How much for three?

I can see you’re a man of taste who knows what he wants in his butts. For you, ten dollars, and I’ll get Erik Estrada to model them for you.

No need to get cheeky.

Way to sniff out an interesting story, KlondikeGeoff.

Well, I’ve always said, “It’s better to pick your nose than get one at random !”
Actually, I really do say that. :slight_smile:

Hey, c’mon. I’ve never given anyone a bum steer. I stand behind all my products!

Be warned, Consumer Reports says your products are defective, they have a big crack and leak under pressure.

You need to check the corrections in the following issue. They had confused me for Ann Coulter.

Woah, partner. For that, I’ll need to give you $10.87. Do you take bad checks?