18th Annual Super Bowl Early Picks Thread

Chiefs 38, Packers 31

Bills 32 Saints 15

Bills 24 Seahawks 10

Saints 30, Chiefs 26

Well, so much for Washington.

Tom Brady is truly amazing. And I’m a Joe Montana fan. Also, I’m old enough (at 59) to remember George Blanda playing. Brady truly is the GOAT.

Boy, I sure called that one…

Wow, Rothlis Benburger really shit the bed Sunday night. 4 picks is not a good look. Against Cleveland, no less.

Let me know if I missed anyone or got the picks wrong.

Atamasama: Bills 40, Packers 24
Velocity: Bills 34, Saints 27
TroutMan: Packers 33, Bills 23
Telemark: Buccaneers 34, Chiefs 30
Munch: Chiefs 38, Packers 28
Justin_Bailey: Bills 34, Packers 20
muldoonthief: Bills 31, Buccaneers 21
iiandyiiii: Saints 30, Chiefs 27
Hamlet: Packers 31, Chiefs 30
Oredigger77: Chiefs 27, Packers 24
Shoeless: Saints 34, Chiefs 27
USCDiver: Browns 31, Packers 28
zimaane: Chiefs 33, Saints 26
Railer13: Chiefs 34, Packers 20
LoneRhino: Bills 38, Rams 24
Redcanoe: Saints 24, Chiefs 21
mikecurtis: Chiefs 31, Packers 28
BippityBoppityBoo: Chiefs 28, Saints 24
MrKnowItAll: Buccaneers 30, Ravens 13
borschevsky: Chiefs 37, Packers 31
Fear_the_Turtle: Chiefs 31, Packers 27
Chisquirrel: Packers 38, Chiefs 33
Ulf_the_Unwashed: Ravens 35, Saints 20
asahi: Chiefs 34, Packers 31
Hal_Briston: Packers 23, Bills 21
SenorBeef: Saints 33, Bills 27
minlokwat: Chiefs 38, Packers 31
eschereal: Bills 32, Saints 15
Jahiegel2.0: Saints 30, Chiefs 26

One Down
hajario: Buccaneers 34, Steelers 28
Bullitt: Bills 37, Redskins 28
Kimble: Packers 38, Titans 24
madsircool: Bills 24, Seahawks 10
AlsoNamedBort: Bears 27, Bills 24
Procrustus: Seahawks 28, Chiefs 24
dalej42: FT 31, Chiefs 10
Jackknifed_Juggernaut: Steelers 31, Packers 25

Dead In The Water
TriPolar: FT 20, Steelers 17
Tierce: Seahawks 28, Steelers 20

Shoot, missed the thread. But will pick Rams over Chefs 38-35

The Browns are 10 point underdogs at Kansas City next weekend. It’d be a tall order if they won it.

How much were they underdogs last week to the Steelers?

The Chiefs were undefeated until the Raiders beat them.

The Raiders.

I don’t pick the Browns to beat them, but I’m not calling it impossible. The Chiefs beat some really good teams this year, like the Ravens, Bills, Saints, and Bucs. But they lost to a team you might best call mediocre (a division rival, true, and those games can be funny).

I am saying there’s like a 5% chance of the Browns beating the Chiefs (who should be well-rested and playing at home, with the best record in the regular season), but if they win this game I’d give them a more than 50% chance of going to the Super Bowl.

I missed this, they were 6 point underdogs going into the last game.

By this logic, then, the Browns should have no shot at winning in Arrowhead on Sunday. After all, they lost to the Jets this year.

The Jets.

No, that’s not applying his logic at all. He’s not saying “KC is bad because they got beat by the raiders”, he’s saying “any given Sunday an underdog can pull out an unexpected win”, which applies to both the Raiders vs Chiefs, and the Jets vs Browns, and… importantly… also the Browns vs Chiefs.

Thank you, that’s pretty much my logic, yes. :slight_smile:

I also gave a “totally out of my rear end” suggestion of a 95% chance that the Chiefs win the game, and if you equate that to “no shot at winning” then I don’t know what to tell you.

Fair enough.

I’d actually give the Browns a better than 5% chance of winning the game on Sunday. Chiefs have not exactly looked dominant the last half of the season, although they won all the games except the last one. And for anybody that’s interested, they haven’t covered the spread in the past 8 games (one was a push).

Hmm, so that suggests that the Chiefs are unlikely to blow out the Browns if they do win.

(“Blowing out the Browns” sounds like a crude bathroom reference.)

I suppose that one blessing of COVID is that it doesn’t usually include violent gastrointestinal ructions. 100 million Americans infected with sudden unpredictable diarrhea could give “Blowin’ out the Browns” a whole new meaning.

I’m imagining a new Weird Al Yankovic song to the tune of Talking Head’s Burning Down the House.