2 or more infants together, what to they do.

If you have 2 (or more) infants just put in a crib together, will they tend to group together or take their own space in their? Will they cling to each other forming what is commonly seen with kittens and what I would assume puppies to, forming a ‘kitten ball’?

What size infant? The really little ones are like potted plants that poop and make noise.

That explains Anne Geddes’s vision…

Depends how much duct tape and staples you use.

When they can start to move around.

Baby-cam, anyone? You set it up, I’ll keep an eye on the little blighters!

Or, I’m prepared to do a shift or 2, at least.

So is that like free babysitting? If so I’ve got a seven month old to donate this Saturday night!

I assume by “infant,” you mean kids who are mostly pre-ambulatory. From my limited experience, they tend to stick their fingers in each other’s ears and pull on each other’s shirts.


With my twins if we put them in the same bed then tend to end up together, but not like cuddled curled up - more like one with their head on the others chest/legs arms and the one being rested on pushed up against a wall of the crib/playpen like they were trying to get away (this is when they are asleep). If they are awake they tend to try to steal each other’s toys and climb on top of one another if they can…

If you prop them up on a couch they will inevitably topple slowly onto each other, until one’s giant head is on the other’s lap. The baby left sitting up will drum on the head with big, open-palmed slaps until they fall slowly sideways themselves.

I miss those college days.

They clear the furniture, lock the doors, & fight til one of them dies.

Like Shriners, but cuter.

they trade tips on how to manipulate adults

That explains all the spit-up.

Crib cage match. Two babies enter. One baby leaves.

Man I miss electric football.


They just kinda hang out like potted plants.

As they get older and can move, the fun starts when they can take ALL THEIR TOYS and THROW THEM OUT OF THE PLAYPEN. And then I would put ALL THE TOYS BACK IN. And they would get back to work in THROWING THEM ALL OUT.

It was their day at the office.
(They being my son and my neighbor’s daughter. They are 5 days apart.)

When my son and daughter were in the mobile poop factory stage, we put gates on our deck to barricade them in so I could mow our acreage. The shit they would toss out to me as I went by on a tractor was always a good time. Sippy cups, toys, food, . It also helped that the dog would sit on the ground by the deck waiting for food from the Godlings. Eventually a rather heavy piece of patio furniture and its cushion added for a hearty “fuck you!” came over one day and I realized I had only one thing to do. Enclose the dog on the deck for babysitting purposes. I always imagined the theme to The Great Escape playing while they did all their things.

I don’t think the dog ever forgave me.