2003 Emmmys

No real commentary – just a big ol “woo hoo” that The Amazing Race won the first-ever Best Reality/Competition Show Emmy.

Dare we hope this might encourage CBS to do another season?

I was glad to see that Jennifer Anniston didn’t win this time around. I think she has been riding on a media frenzy wave and I don’t know what all the whoop de doo is about. She is not that good of an actress IMO. Very limited in scope. Did you see that when they panned the audience after announcing their names. Everyone of the women in the category smiled or waved and Debra even winked. Not Jennifer. She just sat there like a bump on a log.

Debra Messing was a good choice. Although I don’t like Will & Grace she seems to have the expressions and physical comedy about her that reminds me of Lucile Ball.

I would have also liked to see Sarah Jessica Parker win.

I would have like to see Peter Krausen of 6 ft under win. He has been nominated 3x and he does a good job.

Did Kiefer Sutherland win this year? I missed that category I think.

Best Dramatic Actor was James Gandolfini (making him 3 for 4 in the category). Ditto (including count) for Edie Falco.

West Wing won Best Drama – yikes. It became completely unwatchable at the beginning of the third season. I adored it the first two seasons, but Sorkin pissed me off with his preachy 9/11 show and I gave up on it an episode or two after that.

I couldn’t tell – I assume Rob Lowe didn’t join the revelers on stage for that.

What was Amazing Race up against? I can’t remember the shows they were categorized with.

I do not like the Sopranos. I watched a few of the shows but could not get beyond the language. Also you had to watch them in sequence or get lost.

That means 6 ft under was nominated 13x and lost all 13. Darn! That is a pretty good show.

I heard that John Ritter’s family had seats of honor next to the cast of 6 Feet Under. Could this possibly be true? If so, whoever done it deserves a good pitting.

There were three shows in the category, “Amazing Race,” “Survivor,” and … something else.

Not having cable, I’m unfamiliar with a lot of these shows – but whatever the best drama on TV is, it isn’t “West Wing.”

I just feel very depressed that I woke up this morning in a world where, yet again, “Everybody Loves Raymond” won awards suggesting that it is a comedy series.

Regarding John Ritter’s family…
I waited to see if the cameras would pan the audience and show his wife Amy and her children at least after doing the “in memory” segment. But they never did it.

That would be cruel if it were planned that they sit next to the 6ft under crowd.

I thought they weren’t even there?

Anyway, the third reality nominee was “American Idol.”

My nominee for best acceptance speech: Wm. H. Macy and his writing partner, with the “ding” after each “oh wait, that’s not right.” Funny schtick.

Apparently I’m the only person who’s happy West Wing won.

Woo-hoo to The Daily Show! Finally getting some recognition.

I agree with jeevmon about Everybody Loves Raymond. The two minutes I once saw gave me a headache, what with all the shouting.

Overall, I thought the broadcast was pretty blah. Not very funny considering the “hosts” were all comedians.

BTW - Who was the guy who did the “impersonations” of Schwarzenneger and Rumsfeld, and can he not do that anymore?

Least funny moments: anything with Wanda Sykes. I think her show lost a million potential viewers everytime they put the camera on her. And I don’t think Bill Cosby was amused at all…“we spoke English” was a pretty nasty shot.

Good News

I thought the comedy (for a lack of a better word) from Wanda was awful and in poor taste. Bill Cosby didn’t even crack a smile when she was annoying him. Wanda made an ass out of herself.

I thought the comedian (for lack of a better word) who did the impersonations of Rumsfield and Arnold were in poor taste and terribly done. I failed to see where the jokes were.
He didn’t even look like the people he was impersonating. Gosh on Mad Tv and Saturday Night Live the people always look like those they are impersonating.

I thought Ellen was pretty funny. Haven’t heard her stand up in aWhile. I would like to see her in a dress for once.

The “comedian” was indeed Darrell Hammond of Saturday Night Live.

I tuned in an hour or so late but the “comic” routines I saw were all disasters, with Wanda Sykes being the bottom of the barrel. I didn’t even bother staying with it to the finish. Worst Emmys ever.

But since it is the Emmys, you can be fairly sure that next year the telecast will be worse and all the same people will win their awards again.

I didn’t see it, but I was glad Tony Shalhoub won for Monk. It’s a great show (one of the few out there), and he is an excellent actor and seems like a genuinely good guy.

Well with Raymond going off the air (Thank God) and FRIENDS going off the air, and Sex in the City going off the air it leaves a little more room for someone different to win an award.

I was suprised that Julia Roberts didn’t win anything last night. It seems like everytime I turn around she is winning something even though she hasn’t been that active. She was good in Steel Magnolias and Pretty Woman but then she went downhill from there.

Great news about AMAZING RACE getting the green light for a fifth season! It’s my favorite show and I whooped when it won the Reality Show Emmy!
Other Good Stuff:
William Macy - for winning & for the speech.
Tony Shalhoub! Way to go, Mr. Monk.
Maggie Smith - for the exquisite “My House in Umbria.”
The Daily Show - the only show I can count on to make me laugh!
Anyone other than Jennifer Aniston winning Best Comedy Actress.
Jeff Probst and Ryan Seacrest zapping each other.
Ellen DeGeneres - my new hero!

The Bad Stuff:
The West Wing winning. Should have been SIX FEET UNDER.
Falco and Gandolfini winning (Should have been Peter Krause and Frances What’s-her-name who plays his mom on SFU.
Wanda Sykes. Yikes! Way to go, FOX. Embarrass yourself even more.
Bill Cosby - not really bad, just boring and his speech didn’t respond to the honor. Sigh!
The American Idol Judges having to do that horrible thing about accountants. Again–What was FOX thinking???
I don’t really care about the RAYMOND wins; I hate sitcoms anyway.

Here’s a good question. Why was Bill Cosby wearing sunglasses? Isn’t it polite manners (such as removing your hat) the fact when you enter into a building?

Yeah his humanitarian speech was stinky…except the part where he compliments his wife Camille of 40 years.