The Emmy nominations are up!

Here’s the complete list:

Wow, lots of good shows getting their due. I’m especially happy to see Arrested Development doing so well, as well as Scrubs, the male leads from Boston Legal, the female leads from The Shield, 24, Conan O’Brien, and Family Guy.

I’m excited to see that Lost received a bunch of nominations including one for Terry O’Quinn for Best Supporting Actor.

I am happy to see that Scrubs (and Braff) got some love and that Terry O’Quinn got his much deserved nom from Lost.

But why the heck did Will and Grace, a once good but now mediocre to bad show, get 13 nods?

And what about Will Arnet from AD?

And though I don’t watch the program, I am curious what the reaction will be on the set of Desperate Housewives will be now that only 3 of the 5 divas got noms?

Also, I am actually rooting for Raymond to win an Emmy: Peter Boyle for Best Supp. Actor. It is sad to think that he would be the only one of that cast not to win one. I’m pulling for him (though I’d be happy if Tambor got a nod).

Lost fans, here are the Lost noms:
Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series
Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series (Pilot)
Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series (Pilot)
Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Dramatic Underscore)
Outstanding Drama Series
Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series (Pilot)
Outstanding Single-Camera Sound Mixing For A Series (Outlaws)
Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series (Pilot)
Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series (Pilot AND Walkabout)
Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series (Naveen Andrews AND Terry O’ Quinn)

I think I found them all

If Ian McShane (aka Al Swearingen, Deadwood) doesn’t win the Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series award, the whole thing is a sham.

I’m rooting for:

Outstanding Drama Series - Deadwood

Out lead actor in a Drama Series - Ian McShane

I kind of wonder how the Emmys are going to handle the on-air annoucement for the nominees for the “Outstanding Reality Program” award. :slight_smile:

And what happen if Penn and Teller win it.

That should be Outstanding. As I don’t believe that Ian McShane is gay. :wink:

I count 15 nods, with 8 of them in the acting categories, including 5 for guest roles (accounting for 50% of all the nominees).

Or David Cross. But Jessica Walter, Jason Bateman, and Jeffrey Tambor are in there, with AD pulling in 11 nods, including 3 each in the editing and writing categories.

Yeah, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Unfortunately, it seems that Brian Cranston’s hopes for an Emmy are pretty much over–a shame since he’s the best thing about Malcolm in the Middle.

I was wondering the same exact thing, RealityChuck. I hope they get some uptight snooty type to have to announce that one. :slight_smile:

Some other observations, facts, & trivia:

Network rankings
HBO - 93
CBS - 59
NBC - 54
ABC - 51
FOX - 49

Program rankings
16 - The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, Warm Springs
15 - Desperate Housewives, Will & Grace
13 - Everybody Loves Raymond
12 - Lost
11 - Arrested Development, Deadwood, 24
10 - Empire Falls
8 - Carnivale
7 - Huff, 77th Annual Academy Awards
6 - American Idol, Elvis, Two and a Half Men
5 - The Amazing Race, Broadway: The American Musical, The Games of the XXVIII Olympiad Opening Ceremony, House, Late Show with David Letterman, MADtv, Six Feet Under, Survivor, The West Wing

Emmy Vets (# of career nods)
Alan Alda/The West Wing (31)
Tracey Ullman/TU: Live & Exposed (23)
Cloris Leachman/Malcolm & Joan of Arcadia (19)
Angela Lansbury/L&O: SVU/TbJ (18)
Tyne Daly/Judging Amy (16)
Ray Romano/Raymond (16)
Jon Stewart/The Daily Show (13)

Blythe Danner has 3 acting nominations this year: Lead Miniseries/Movie, Supporting Drama, and Guest Comedy

Some welcome faces: Jeremy Piven, Danny Elfman, Lupe Ontiveros, Fred Willard, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and the late Ossie Davis

Emmy Vets - Loser Division (0 career Emmys)
Angela Lansbury/L&O: SVU/TbJ (18 nods)
Charles Durning/NCIS (8)
Kiefer Sutherland/24 (7)
Nominees Kathy Bates, Brian Dennehy, Victor Garber, Whoopi Goldberg, Jane Kaczmarek, and Jeffrey Tambor are all tied with 6

South Park’s wicked Schiavo satire “Best Friends Forever” is up for Animated Series. It’s up against The Simpsons, which also scored nods in the Music & Song categories.

Quentin Tarantino scored a nomination for directing a CSI episode, in a category that has 7 nominees.

Ken Burns scored 2 nods for Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise And Fall Of Jack Johnson

3 Oscar winners are competing against each other in Supporting Actress, Miniseries/Movie: Charlize Theron, Kathy Bates, and Joanne Woodward (multiple Oscar-loser Jane Alexander’s also in the running)

The Office scored 2 nods, including one for Ricky Gervais (Writing). The Wire also got its single nod in the Writing category.

Turner Classic Movies got 1 nod for Cary Grant: A Class Apart, now available on the Bringing Up Baby 2-disc DVD.

The Outstanding Reality Show categories have Ty Pennington vs. Penn & Teller vs. Ben Affleck & Matt Damon and Jerry Bruckheimer vs. Paula Abdul vs. Donald Trump vs. Harvey Weinstein.
Oh, and for all you 24-holics:

2-3am (Music)
5-6am (Cinematography)
6-7am (Editing & Sound Mixing)
7-8am (Editing)
12-1pm (Sound Editing & Stunt Coordination)
7-8pm (Editing)

Plus Drama Series, Lead Actor, and Casting (11 nods, the most in the show’s history)

Oh, and for the first time, a program I received screen credit for got an Emmy nomination! (though not for me, obviously)

I was happy to see three shows I watch and like in the Best Drama category (Deadwood, 24 and Lost). Could only have been better had The Shield been in there as well. I hope Ian McShane wins best drama actor.

As much as I think O’Quinn deserves the award, I don’t think he’ll get it. William Shatner will get it, mostly because this might be the last time he does something where he actually deserves an award. Boston Legal is bordering on cancellation too.

And what’s up with “supporting actor” - as I get it, there are no leads in Lost. It’s an ensamble cast and all actors are listed alphabetically.

And why is Desperate Housewives considered comedy?

For the same reason that Ally McBeal used to be in the Comedy catagory. It stands a better chance of winning in that catagory. It might be time to create a new catagory called “dramady”.

Shatner already won an Emmy (as “Guest Actor”) for playing the same role in The Practice (the same season Spader won his). I think that’ll be more than enough for the voters, especially for a show that’s so clearly on the ropes. I’d say O’Quinn is the inside favorite (especially since Deadwood is unrepresented here); his backstory episode “Walkabout” received a writing nomination as well and he’s the Watercooler Character from the Watercooler Show of the year (though I was glad to see Naveen Andrews score a nod; I was expecting the better-known Dominic Monaghan).

I didn’t see the FYC ads in the trades, but I’d bet they pushed Fox & Lilly as the two leads and left everyone else as supporting–a typical fallback when the cast is truly ensemble in nature.

Because the producers have effectively lobbied the industry as a comedy. I haven’t watched the show, but the emphasis in the promos is always on the humor (even if its got some soapy/mystery underpinnings). Monk is also in the comedy category–the only two hour-long competitors in that field this year, IIRC.

I remember when Bruce Willis won the Emmy for Best Lead Actor in a Drama. I suspect that if Moonlighting was running now, they’d also have switched it over to the Comedy field.

You know which one makes me especially happy?

Outstanding Commercial: Glen – Starbucks Doubleshot

GLEN! Glen-glen-GLEN!
I’m also pleased with the nomination for *Dinner for Five * for Outstanding Nonfiction Series, and a few technical nods for Reefer Madness: The Musical.

I call bullshit on 24’s Best Drama nod. This was easily its worst season ever, yet it was chosen over Rescue Me?

Still, not a bad list. It’s nice to have a large field of deserving shows fighting for nominations instead of just tossing everything in ER’s mediocre direction.

I don’t know about that, I think Hugh Laurie staked a pretty strong claim.

I still think Shatner will win.
One reason for the comedy - and why the producers push it that way - is that the sitcom mrket is really crappy right now. And in drama, they’d be up against all those HBO shows.

I still don’t think DH is a comedy, though.

And how weak would the field of runner upsbe if there were no cable.