Emmy Awards Show, 2009

Anyone else planning to watch? I love the choice of Neil Patrick Harris for the host.

I am definitely watching. Bored today so also been watching the red carpet. A lot of shows I love are nominated for something in some capacity - Office, Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Weeds, etc so I would like to see what happens.

I watched 45 minutes and said screw it. Alan Sepinwall says this year’s show was supposed to be tighter and funnier. Tighter and funner than what? Paris Hilton’s coochie?

I did watch a bit of the red carpet and was pleasantly surprised that Ryan Seacrest did such a good job. He had some non-standard questions and comments, and was pretty entertaining. NeNe of Real Housewives of Atlanta was (not surprisingly) a dud.

Since it’s delayed on the west coast I’ll be nice

Jim Parsons was motherfuckin robbed! 30 Rock is awesome but how many times is Baldwin gonna win that award?

Did a Hobbit win the first Emmy of the evening? That girl was TINY!

IMDB says she is 4’11".

Boy is this over-produced. The set is amazing and having the control room visible is ingenious, but there is just too much time being wasted showing off the set and explaining the show “we have separated the awards into genres…”. The bits with the woman with the best seat in the house fell flat and the jokes are especially lame.

This was only his 2nd Emmy for the show, so it’s not like he’s been monopolizing the category for years.

Nice to see some final Pushing Daisies love (it won 3 creative Emmys, too) as well as Michael Emerson’s win for Lost.

This was Hugh Laurie’s 4th loss (he’s never won) and he looked pretty miserable even before they called out someone else’s name.

I think the Directing award for the ER finale put the final series total around 23–maybe not a record, but I suspect pretty close.

I’d forgotten just how many heavy-hitters were in the In Memorium segment, but it was nice that they were able to squeeze in even some very last-minute obits (Swayze, Gelbart, Gibson).

Doogie’s opening # was great, and even if all the subsequent bits didn’t all hit home, he still did a good job.

Ignoring The Wire invalidated these awards imo. Not interested.

I’m not sure if MAS*H holds the record, but I believe that it had 99 Emmys.

Someone I know (a friend of the family) won an Emmy tonight for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. Now my autographed scripts increase in value. Yeh! (Birthday present from my sister.) Cherry Jones plays the role of the POTUS on 24. (My folks know her better than I do.)

I like how they mentioned the presenter’s obscure roles: “she played ‘girl in cafeteria’ in episode 23 of The Mod Squad”


I think those were made up.

Funny, though – I did like the color commentary shtick.

Why? Every actor’s resume is full of them.

I don’t think they were made up. I remembered that Hayden Panettiere’s was something about voicing a character in a Scooby-Doo movie. I just looked her up on IMDB and sure enough, she voiced Fairy Princess Willow in Scooby-Doo and the Goblin King (2008).

I was really happy to see Toni Collette win for United States of Tara. I’m rather tired of 30 Rock winning everything. I think it’s totally overblown. Proof of this is that Tracy Morgan was nominated for his role. You have got to be kidding me. He is one of the worst actors I have ever seen. At least he didn’t win.

I’ve never seen a single episode of The Amazing Race. I’m not going to disparage it. I’m willing to grant that it lives up to its name and is Amazing with a capital “A”.

But seven years in a row? Really? From 2001-2009 it was the BEST reality show on television? Really? I mean really really? I just find this hard to believe.

The main problem with the Emmy’s continues: giving out an award to the same person year after year. How many years has it been since Candace Bergen knocked them over this during an acceptance speech?

If they want to revive interest in the award, they need to fix this.

According to IMDb, MAS*H won 14 Emmys.

I hope that means Kristen Chenowith won?

Yup. And was sobbing with gratitude.

Damn, I turned it off too early – I gather there was a really great Dr. Horrible bit? :frowning: