2003 Pro-Bowl What do we think?



Everyone is upset for Tomlinson, but How in the hell can Brady not make it? Peyton, Trent and Steve are awesome QB’s had awesome years. But Brady is not the QB - even from that lofty group - that I would have passed over this year

I am glad that Champ Bailey made it again. He has a hellacious streak going (he’s never not made a Pro-Bowl) and is a free agent this year. He made his career playngs on super crappy teams with Darrell Green and Deon opposite him & he did it w/o loud mouthing it. He is really is special.

Larry Allen is going ? That is one of those lifetime achievement awards – rather than an honor for his play this year

McNabb complained about the low level of Eagele reps but who else desrved to make it?


As far as Tomlinson goes, basically what we’re looking at is you got the 4 top rushers in the AFC in JL, CP, LT, and PH. Three of them are going to make the Pro Bowl.

PH has more TDs than LT, is better at catching balls out of the backfield, and has been making a name for himself for a couple years now.

You could make a case for LT, sure, but its not like a travesty of justice.

Some guys that are there are just there for historic reasons – Larry Allen? Thats a guy on the way to the bottom right now.

I love how the Pats only have 2 players on it. I think that says so much about the game.

So, of the three selected AFC QBs, which would you drop to bring Brady? Trent Green, maybe? You’d have a hard time selling me on Brady over McNair or Manning this year.

They still play the Pro Bowl? Everybody makes a big fuss about who got selected but half of the starters will decide that they don’t want to play anyway by the time February rolls around.

I’d rather watch a handful of NFLers play Madden 2004 against each other than the Pro Bowl.