2004 New Year Resolutions!

It’s that time again! I’ll start, and give me your top 3:

  1. Spend more quality time with my children

  2. Learn karate

  3. Find friends who are true, and toss the rest into the deep blue sea

  1. Quit smoking cigarettes.

Just that one. If I can do that, a lot of other good things will follow.

  1. Quit Smoking

forgot about that one! :smiley:

  1. Watch what I am eating.
  2. Exercise more often

Gonna do these things while am sleeping.

  1. Flawless psoting (checking for code and spelling errors).
  2. Work more OT (Gotta get that PT Cruiser this year)
  3. Try to make it to Australia to visit some new friends
  4. Find a real relationship. I know you’re out there somewhere.


Under number 4 up there, I have some provisos. :smiley:

  1. I’d like her to be an SDMB member. Reason? Most everyone here I have noticed are warm, wonderful people, and why not a lady from a message board I love to frequent? Hell, we’re basically friends already, if you think about it!

  2. She must be available. (I tried the “affair” thing, and man! I can’t do that to myself again!)

  3. Likes to travel. Especially to Germany, with her own tour-guide, Moi! :wink:

  4. My age or thereabouts. (Within 5-8 years, anyway)

  5. Sense of humor. (A must with me!) :smiley:

  6. Preferably someone within the contiguous US if not the Southeast.

  7. Someone who will listen to me play my guitars and/or maybe actually join in with her own musical instrument.


Did I just emininate 98% of you with my request, or what? :wink: