2004 VMAs, or Boy, I'm sure glad I skipped 6 Feet Under for this

Lame, lame, lame.

First item: the bit with the Kerry daughters and Bush twins? Painful to watch. The booing was wierd when the Kerrys walked out. Did you notice the brunette look behind her to see if it was in fact her and her sister that were being booed.

Second item: Jon Stewart sucked. Ironic that they pre-recorded a bit to hype the only supposed unpredetermined award.

Third item: Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder and Lenny Kravitz performing Highest Ground. Only highlight of the night. I couldn’t help but think there were a 1,00 or so kids around the country thinking, “Hey cool. They’re covering the Chili Peppers!” Sway’s comment afterward about “History being made on stage here tonight” was a bit overdone, though, as I seem to recall Stevie showing up to perform with Will Smith a few years ago.

Fourth item: Is MTV going to make Andre 3000 close every award show with Hey Ya until he dies? And having young people walk into voting booths on stage? Oy.

Fifth item: Anyone want to make bets on who was in the Sasquatch costume? I say Will Ferrell. But then again, I say Will Ferrell for everything.


What happened between the Bush and Kerry daughters and why did the latter walk off stage?

Please, for the love of the all that is good and right, tell me “hey,Yeah” being the closing song was hyperbole!

The Bushes and Kerrys weren’t on stage together. The Kerrys were there, and the Bushes were in NY via satelite.

And the booing (or what I believe was booing) started shortly after they walked out onto the stage.

Oh, I took your sentence to mean that the Kerrys walked out of the middle of a skit and then got booed, not that they got it while coming on stage.

Huh. Why the hell would they be booed? That makes no sense.

Because the show was in Miami and Cuban-Americans are a highly Republican demographic? :smiley:

Yeah I didn’t catch them, I can’t stand them anymore. Any “wacky” moments that we missed?

The whole thing felt to me like MTV is getting old and trying too hard. Kind of like a 60-year-old in a halter top and mini-skirt who’s wearing too much make-up. Just my opinion, of course.
I basically thought the whole show was a waste of Dave Chappelle. They should have just put him on stage for three hours instead. Then I would have been entertained. Though I will agree that the Alicia Keys/Stevie Wonder/Lenny Kravitz performance was great. Hoobastank stank. And what was with the weird choir people on acid who were wearing pastel and playing the flute? That whole performance truly puzzled me.

Wasn’t that thresh-hold passed when Ricki Rachtman cut his hair? MTV is dead for anyone that likes good music. Not just Metal (though that especially) but anyone that wants to hear music that isn’t packaged by the twits that decide what 15 year-olds want to hear on the radio.

Think Milli Vanilli, people. Milli Vanilli.

That should end the argument. :wink:

Okay, so maybe you’re right. But I’ll take that one step further and say that anyone who wants to hear actual music period will not find it on MTV. Don’t you know MTV doesn’t actually play videos anymore?

I honestly think the reason that the Kerry daughters were booed is that crowd has no idea which set of daughters is which, and they thought they were booing the Bush daughters. They’re both around the same age, and there is one blonde and one brunette. It was just one of the many moronic moments of the VMA’s.
Anyway, wow dumb is it to have an award show on a channel that HARDLY SHOWS ANY GODDAMN VIDEOS??? I used to make sense back in the day when EmptyV showed thousands of videos a year. Now it seems that there were maybe a total of 10 videos up for all of the awards period. And every act (except the stunningly annoying Polyphonic Spree) was an award nominee or winner. Boo. Lastly, note to EmptyV execs: Live rap music is boring and disappointing.

Man, what a waste of my time. Was it me or did only the winners of awards bother to show up to this thing?
Maybe I’m getting too old but it felt like I was watching Nickelodeons Kids Choice Awards. Even Nickelodeon had better celebs show up.
Even Andre 3000 had to comment on himself before his performance “Okay, here it is for the millionth time”.
Usher dance moves? I guess thats for the kids that were too young to ever see the Thriller video.
Chaka Khan? Where did they dig her up from?
Good Charolette, Sum 41, Blink 182, Yellowcard, Hobostank, etc., etc. Can someone please turn off the clone machine?
Puff Daddy. I hope you got the hourly rate on that boat rental. Can someone get this guy a carrot?
Beyonce? I’m glad you dug up your outfit from Austin Powers:Goldmember. I wouldn’t have wasted money on a new outfit either.
Stevie Wonder, your lucky your blind.

Polyphonic Spree was on the MTV Awards? I wish I had watched.

Well, lucky for you MTV has decided to rerun the show about 1,100 times over the next week or so.


Puff Daddy. I hope you got the hourly rate on that boat rental. Can someone get this guy a carrot?


Here’s a wacky moment you missed - when Shaq walked out looking like it was 1998 again. He couldn’t have weight more than 315, and not much fat on him.

I knew this was gonna happen.

Hey Shaq! Maybe if you showed that sort of dedication with the Lakers I’d have celebrated two more times the past couple years. You prick.

OK. I feel better now. :slight_smile:

I didn’t see it but I have to comment on the Bush/Kerry girls. Why the hell are they everywhere? What do they have to do with the music video industry? Why does anyone even care to see them everywhere?

Actually, I think that’s why the Kerry’s got booed. It wasn’t partisan at all. It was more like, “What, we have to hear about damned politics even at the VMA awards? Take a hike!”

Listen to a Yoko Ono record. You’ll get about the same level of enjoyment. :wink:

Was the Polyphonic Spree a bad performance or did you just not care for their music? If the former, I won’t bother to Tivo a later recording.

Also, whoever slagged Sum 41, stop it! Yeah, they are a little bit cookie cutter, but they have nothing but the highest respect for Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, having performed with Tommy Lee and Rob Halford in the past.