2014 Emmy Nominations

Here is a link to the list. PDF and Word versions are available.

Happy to see **Treme **get some nominations, even though they submitted their 5-episode final season in the mini-series category.

A lot to like in the list this year. Kate McKinnon for SNL is a great nod, as is Fred Armisen for Portlandia. Nice to see Netflix getting more love this year too, even though House of Cards’ second season was mediocre at best.

Matt LeBlanc and Louis C.K. are both nominated for playing “themselves” in Episodes and Louie, respectively.

I’m glad Fargo got nominations, especially for best mini-series and for the actors.

I’m irrationally upset about the snub for Tatiana Maslany and Orphan Black in general. I’m not the type of viewer who typically notices acting, but what she’s done on that show has been mesmerizing.

Did the second season fall within the Emmy window for this year? I’m not sure. Fargo did so I guess Orphan Black did as well.

I agree. The snub doesn’t reflect well on the acuity of the Emmy voters.

I suppose they simply assumed that what Maslany was doing was ‘a stunt,’ instead of the achievement that it is: a remarkably nuanced set of characters that (to my mind) never come across as forced or gimmicky. There was a slight misstep with the transgender character, I thought, but otherwise Maslany’s work has been astonishing.

I don’t know how those rules work out, but I know I had seen her on some pre-nomination projections, so it’s a snub in my book. I expect the Cosima fanboys to destroy the Internet any minute now.

ETA: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/orphan-black-reacts-tatiana-maslany-717698

I’m sad Peter Dinklage wasn’t nominated for lead actor. I loved True Detective and everyone did a great job, but McConaughey was so much better than Harrelson it’s not even fair to nominate both of them.

But he was nominated wasn’t he? He’s the one that chose which category he wanted to compete in so don’t feel to sad about it.

Especially with the dying Downton Abbey getting nods instead.

Why is Luther a miniseries? It’s had 3 series (UK def). Okay, 14 episodes total, but still spread out over 4 years. That’s a series (US def).

Glad to see Christina Hendricks nominated.

Silicon Valley? Okaay. I mean, I’m a computer geek and I like parts of it, but it’s not in the same league as Veep or Episodes, for instance.

*Silicon Valley *is one of the smartest, best written series on television right now. I’d put it in league with *Veep *and streets ahead of Episodes which is mostly mediocre in my opinion.

I’m not sure Louie belongs in the comedy section anymore, at this point i would call it a drama about comedian more than a comedy. Edit: and Sherlock as a “tv movie”? is it a length thing?

If it is a “standalone” - that is, it has “a beginning, a middle, and an end” - then it can be entered as a movie. A miniseries, on the other hand, has “a single theme or story line, which is resolved within the piece.” Technically, length has nothing to do with it.

I imagine *Sherlock *could have submitted as a drama or miniseries if they’d wanted to.

Could they have submitted Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards and et cetera for Daytime Emmys instead of Primetime ones, if they’d felt like it?

(That’s not snark; I’m genuinely curious.)

Can’t agree. Fwiw, I think the McConaughey is more bandwagon than on merit.

I’m not sure how True Detective is in the regular drama categories when American Horror Story is considered a miniseries. I really enjoyed it though, so I’m glad it got recognition! Isn’t the 2nd season going to have nothing to do with the first one and even an entirely new cast?

I love that Joanne Froggatt from Downton Abbey got a nomination. The 4th season went really downhill, but her performance was outstanding.

Very disappointed that Jack Huston never got recognized for his portrayal of Richard Harrow on Boardwalk Empire.

Disappointed The Americans didn’t get more recognition (one nom). Such smart work.

Oscar nominees in various acting categories:

Comedy (4): Don Cheadle, Joan Cusack, Willliam H. Macy, Melissa McCarthy

Drama (7): Jane Fonda, Paul Giamatti, Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey, Maggie Smith, Kevin Spacey, Jon Voight

Mini-Series/TV Movie (11): Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Ellen Burstyn, Helena Bonham Carter, Minnie Driver, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jessica Lange, Julia Roberts, Mark Ruffalo, Billy Bob Thornton, Cicely Tyson

Narration/Voiceover (3): Whoopi Goldberg, Jeremy Irons, Seth McFarlane