2021 Fantasy Baseball Recruitment Thread

I have waited what I feel is an appropriate amount of time to mourn the results of the Super Bowl, and it’s time to move on to more important things in the sports world - baseball, and more specifically, fantasy baseball. There are a number of good active leagues going on the SDMB each year, and there’s always a little bit of turnover. Please feel free to use this thread to post about a league you’d like to promote, toss your name out as a potential team manager looking for a league, or anything else you might want to talk about (though let’s leave fantasy news, strategy, and such to a different thread).

Did the pandemic kill the big league? I don’t even know if it happened last year or just fizzled out.

Personally I’d be interested in finding a dynasty league league as I’ve never quite tried that format.

There wasn’t a big league last year. I’ll see if Wilson wants to get the ball rolling (I think it was Wilson…)

But yes - I was thinking the same thing about a true dynasty league. Even if we have to go off-board to recruit, I’d be very interested.

I’d definitely be interested in a dynasty league as well.

It was Wilson. I’ll try to get to it tonight.

Okay - I’ve looked into this a little bit. It seems the best place to set up a dynasty league is Fantrax. After poking around setting up a dummy league, it really does seem to be the Cadillac of fantasy hosts. They have some premium features you have to pay for, but the free leagues are still incredibly detailed with an amazing number of options.

I’d love to have at least a 12 team league, preferably 15. But I think we can do it with 10 if we’re pressed, and we can just add a couple of UT slots and innings as needed. I think the fun of a dynasty league is going to be working trades and player scarcity - things we lose with a small league.

I have heard smilar things and tried did a public league on fantrax a year ago to test it out. I found the interface pretty clunky but certainly way more customizable then the ESPN/Yahoo’s of the world . Also Fantrax does seem to want to make its product while I can’t remember when one of the other ones added a new feature.

I also agree that we want at least 12 teams as preferably more. I would like a league that you have to care about the top 100 prospects and you need some depth to make that work. We are 3 so a quarter of the way there…

A friend of mine is very interested, so that’s 4.

I’m still kinda sorta interested in the Big League, if it resurfaces, though I don’t really have time to do prep for it at this point.

Yeah, same as Winnowill. It never really came together last year, but I’d be good with participating this year if we can get it going. And I couldn’t possibly do less prep than the couple of years before.

I’m definitely in if we bring back the Big league this year.

Let’s see if we can plan on a late start - it’ll give us time to digest the final rosters, etc., and recruit.

Yeah I’m getting killed with work this month, haven’t had time to renew the league even.
I should be able to do that tomorrow, probably right before the other draft I have.

So I’ve renewed the Big League and sent out invites to everyone who was in it in 2019. Set the draft time to 3/31 9pm eastern, but definitely open to moving it later. Anyone who wasn’t in in 2019 and wants in, let me know and I’ll send you an invite, tons of room.

Hi Wilson,

I don’t see an invite. Can you shoot one over? I’m fine with 3/31 draft…

I have at least one friend who would join as well so we are approaching the halfway mark. However, we are very late in the offseason to pull this off, so it might make sense to spend the year working out rules and recruiting and plan to start next yer.

I wasn’t in last year, but interested in coming back. Email me at the mindspring.com email address you probably have from past years.

So we’re up to 8 in the Not So Big League. Of the five who I’ve invited that haven’t replied, I recognize three - Isotopes is in our other league, we can probably get him; Omniscient usually jumps on really last minute; and Kiros hasn’t been active on the boards since 2018. Not sure who the other two owners are.

My instinct is to push back the draft a week or more if we’re not up to 12 by midday tomorrow? What do others think?

My son was one of the owners in 2019 (Krikket Wikkets) but I’m pretty sure he’s gonna take a pass this year.

Personally, I think that we might as well go ahead with the draft as scheduled with whoever we have by then. I’d rather it happens before regular season games start.

I’m fine with waiting a few days for the draft. The real baseball season starts slow anyway with off days and I’m sure there will be some weather postponements