2022 US Senate Races

Like Rand Paul, whose positions are similar to McConnell’s, plus a heaping helping of antivax/conspiracy theory crazy sauce.

Threatening people’s Social Security and Medicare benefits in the middle of a campaign is usually considered a disastrous move, even for Republicans.

Ron Johnson don’t care. Ron Johnson don’t give a shit.

His Democratic opponent should include this in every single TV ad.

I’ve seen what happens after such predictions are made, and it ain’t pretty. Get your feet back on the ground and hit the pavement because, otherwise, “Oopsies! I guess I was wrong” won’t be accepted as an excuse any longer.

Wow. I don’t know a rail track could have a third rail AND a fourth one.

All of them with double electricity.

Wisconsin?! That would be a dream come true.

Here’s the 538 averages for AZ and PA…

Kelly (D-inc) 51.1% (+10.2)
Masters (R) 40.9%

Fetterman (D) 49.0% (+10.7)
Oz (R) 38.3% .

I could see the NRSC throwing AZ and PA overboard if the polling remains atrocious, but there’s no way they’re giving up on Ron Johnson. Unlike AZ and PA, he’s an incumbent and the NRSC would be loath to pull the plug on a sitting Senator. Plus, it’s unwarranted – polling has been sparse lately, but WI is within a couple points in every previous poll.

They’re probably just shifting money around and coordinating with Republican SuperPACs to pick up the difference. No, that can’t be it because that would be illegal. . . BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This tweet from the NRSC and a verified Twitter account seems to indicate that it’s just an accounting measure. Makes sense to me, I can’t imagine triaging any of those states when it’s not even Labor Day.