24 question about Chloe O' Brian

I’ve recently begun watching this show, at least the seasons released on DVD thus far. Does anyone know about the character Chloe O’Brian. Does she have some kind of mental disorder that makes her say the tactless things she does? I ask because i’ve seen other characters say to her every so often “I don’t have time for your personality disorder, Chloe.” I just don’t know if they mean she actually has one or if they just mean “stop being a bitch.”. Does anyone know if she’s supposed to have some sort of disorder or not?

She has a severe case of hot-nerdy-woman disorder, and should report to my pants immediately for treatment.
To answer your question more seriously, it’s never really clarified.

And yes, she’s hot.

She’s a techie and has no social skills. No disorder.

IMO she becomes a lot more likeable (and hot) in the third and fourth seasons.

Way back when Chloe first joined the cast, I noted in the ongoing 24 thread that Chloe was starting to turn me on with her aloof jerkishness, at which point I was soundly thrashed about the head with cold fish. Now the majority states that Chloe is, in fact, hot. I demand an apology!

IRL I know a woman with Aspergers Syndrome who is very much like the character (except she is most definitely not hot).

Mary Lynn Rajskub may have some kind of brain disease - she’s dating Rush Limbaugh - but Chloe doesn’t. Tactlessness doesn’t qualify as a mental disorder, and I wouldn’t say Chloe appears to have anything like Asperger’s. People with those ailments come across as rude because they lack a certain kind of social sensitivity, whereas I think Chloe knows what people think and just doesn’t care. Which is why she’s fun.

Marley23, other than that Washington Post picture of Rush laying one on her at a public event, is there anything else to that rumor? (Bonus Question: Is there any background about what led to the smooch?) Please say no, as I’d never be able to watch 24 again.

Oh dear God NO…please say the Rush Limbaugh thing isn’t true!

This is like when Drew Barrymore hauled off and married Tom Green. Why do women DO this to me???

Rush was moderating a panel sponsored by the Heritage Foundation about how “24” compares to real life counter terrorism. Rajskub was one of the panelists.

sciurophobic, that I got. What I didn’t get is to why he got all kissy-faced with Rajskub - not that I wouldn’t try given the opportunity!

All I know about that sordid topic is what I saw in the Pit thread last week. It looks like there isn’t anything substantive elsewhere on the 'net. If it’s not true, great; if it is, I stand by my “brain disease” assessment.

I saw her on Leno. Rajskubb certainly shares some quirks with the character O’Brian.

She’s a riot though. I love her sense of humor.

Interestingly, she really has an impossible name, had it been during the studio era, she would’ve been re-named to… what? Mary Lynn Riker?

Chesty LaRue… :smiley:

Marilyn Rice? Lyn Rankin? Marlyn Rask?

Her name is pronounced Ray-SCOOB (like “Scooby Doo”).

Anyway, Chloe was pretty obnoxious when introduced on season 3 of 24 – her sniping with Kim and that awful subplot with the baby. But on seasons 4 and 5, she was wonderful, and quickly became the best character on the show other than Jack. She was one of the only competent employees at CTU, and the go-to girl for anything high-tech and improbable. She got her first taste of blood in season 4, much to the delight of fans everywhere, and was awesome throughout season 5, especially when the good-guy body count was getting higher and we were truly worried about her. Wait until you meet her ex-husband Morris – the two of them together are comedy gold!

Has anyone mentioned how hot she is?

You mean fourth and fifth. She was introduced in the third season, and IIRC, everyone here hated her and called her JarJar. In sharp contrast, she was one of the few redemming qualities of season four.

Are you sure? I think it’s RICE-kub.

My fault, I was thinking she was introduced earlier.