"24" Season 2, Episode 18 - 1:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. (SPOILERS)

**24, Season 2
Episode 18
1:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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This isn’t a spoiler since it’s just a guess, but…I say Nina is the sniper. You heard it here first. :slight_smile:

I accidentally saw the preview for tonight’s episode, so…

Looks like we’ll see more civil unrest from the bombing. Cool, I was hoping for that. And how about that “FOX NEWS ALERT” seen on all the televisions? Talk about flagrant self-promotion!!! Hahaha.

But Nina’s been in custody since at least early morning. She can’t be the sniper unless she’s escaped, and we’ve seen nothing to indicate that.
If it turns out she is the sniper, and there’s a dramatic, “Uh, oh, where’s Nina? I swear I left her cuffed in this cell!” I swear I’ll throw something at the TV. That’s just a little too far-fetched.

Unless of course it ties in to the Kim plotline in some way, in which case all expectations of any connection to reality should be dropped. Honestly, I’m pretty sure the writers look at that part of the story as some sort of in-joke. “How ridiculous and unbelievable can we make her story?” It’s like their way of mocking the American public for creating an atmosphere that makes producers demand that you have hot young blondes jiggling around the screen for a set percentage of every show. I hope and pray that it is intentional. Because if the writers really think that storyline constitutes a quality narrative they must be out of their fucking minds.

I do like the jiggling, though. . . .

The sniper can’t be Nina…Nina wouldn’t have missed.

I do think Nina will be back. Maybe the sniper will be someone in cahoots with her?
And what has become of Marie? Is she back at CTU, in custody?
Or perhaps at the hospital, getting treatment? The last we saw of her was at the airport, right?
Could she have escaped? Is it too far-fetched for her to be the sniper?
What about Bob Warner? We haven’t seen him in a while.
What about Tony? Maybe he wasn’t hurt as much was he claimed, and followed Jack and he was shooting at whats-his-name, the Arab-looking guy who was tailing Jack and Kate.

I think the sniper is someone we’ve seen. It can’t be a new person.

Are you guys talking about the sniper at the end of the episode or the one who took out Saaayaad Ali? I was under the impression that the guy who took out Ali was either Coral Snake #7 himself, or scarface (you know the one - “Look away, Kate”).

How many snipers have been in this show since the beginning of the first season anyway?

DaLovin’ Dj

The sniper who took out Ali was Coral Snake Guy. Right?

I’m talking about the sniper who starting shooting at Coral Snake Guy, Jack and the Arab-looking guy (Yusef?), right after Kate got in the trunk.

I hope it’s not a new guy. It’s getting too late in the show to start introducing characters. It’s now time to start tying all the threads together.

Maybe New Sniper is Nervous Hispanic Gun Guy who over powered the SWAT team, took a rifle, and went to hunt down Kim’s father to spite her for causing him to kill the Liquor Store Guy.

Or maybe the Sniper was Kim who was actually shooting at a mountain lion who was about to attack dad!

Anyway, Nina has to come back so we can find out what Jack said to her that caused her to go pale.

Maybe the Sniper is Palmer’s Ex-Wife!

Yeah, that’s what I said; the sniper has to be someone we already know. And yes, it’s time to start tying things up.

And I also think Nina will be back. She has to be, so Jack can kill her. That’s not a spoiler…come on, you know he’s gonna kill her!
Or she’ll throw herself in front of a bullet meant for Jack. Or Kate. Or Kim. To redeem herself for killing Terri.
Mildly spoilerish things I got from the TWoP site: (no real bombshells)

Kim’s boyfriend Miguel will be in this episode, which also gets an “S” rating for sexual situations. No idea on who is in the sexual situations, but I assume it’s Kim and Miguel. :gag:
Michelle and Carrie are NOT former lesbian lovers, as so many have speculated, but the director told them that they were at first, so they would play their roles that way. The reason for their animosity will be revealed tonight. I guess it has to do with the guy Michelle called last week (the guy from “Hidden Hills”). Maybe one of them used to be married to him and now the other one is married to him?

That’s what I call direction . . .

…or misdirection.

How many more times on this show is someone going to die in mid-sentence?

“Jack, I’ll give you the proof of who shot JFK if you step into this dark alley with me.”

<gunshot> Man collapses. Jack: “The secret, where is it?” “It’s in my coat pocket. But this is very important: you … must not …”


"Don’t touch the … " <dies>

Five more hours of this? At least Kim found out Jack is still alive, but now she’s without a boyfriend. Just when I thought we were done seeing her look mopey.

Well, so much for my spoilers. Maybe they’re for next week, based on the previews:

Looks like Michelle and Tony go at it. And Naked Jack! Wowie!

And poor Miguel. I was expecting him to say he was paralyzed. That was a totally fake-looking bandage, though…it looked like a Band-Aid across his knee. You could even see the hole in the bed.

And ewwww on Jack cutting open the guy’s (what was his name?) abdomen to get the chip! Gross!

And why all the civil unrest? Hasn’t someone gone on the air to explain the bomb? And the reporter said Marietta was a city “in Atlanta.” Didn’t she mean a suburb of Atlanta? Or even a city in Georgia? Oops.

Boy, TWOP (whatever that is) had it all wrong, didn’t they?

That guy that was explaining where the planes were to Palmer…does he OWN that uniform? I’ve seen him in three things (last thing was as the recruiter in Signs) and each time he’s in military dress!

TWoP is www.televisionwithoutpity.com
They do very funny recaps of lots of various TV shows and have their own Message Boards, but they have lots of scary Nazi-like rules for their MBs.
The 24 message board isn’t fun at all; they use lots of strange (and stupid) nicknames for all the characters and you spend more time trying to deciper who the hell they’re talking about than anything else.

I like to read the ER, Trading Spaces and CSI boards.

  1. I am now loving the new operative fella from the other country Yusef. He and Jack make a great team.

  2. I am totally not buying all the civil unrest. My mind goes back to 9/11/01 and the reality of an attack on our soil by then unknown persons. I was in Manhattan that day, I saw how people reacted, and it sure wasn’t like that.

3. Nekkid Jack! Cool!

  1. I was actually cheering at the end when Jack figured out where the chip with the .avi files on it was. He rocks.

An absolutely hilarious episode!
Coral Snake Guy dying in mid-sentence!
Miguel a) picking up the phone with his left hand that had all the wires and sensors attached to it, then switching it to his right hand that seemed perfectly OK and b) having the fake amputation. (I saw that coming from the minute he cooled down to Kim on the phone, but I was surprised it was only one leg.)
Michelle picking up the exact location of eleven or so snipers surrounding the warehouse while shifting among 100 or so different satellite coordinates. . . all in a relatively short amount of time.
But the best part was Jack digging for the microchip!!! Too funny!
Question: Where exactly are the President and his crew? It was labeled “District Headquarters” at one point in the show. District Headquarters of WHAT? It looks perfectly appointed for a Presidential visit. How convenient!

Definitely a suspension-of-disbelief episode. I too rolled my eyes at the dieing-in-mid-sentence shtick. Overall, I enjoyed myself though. Hey, at least Kim’s scenes weren’t as excruciating as usual. :smiley:

I don’t know what organization it’s the district HQ of, but they’re in Los Angeles.