24 Sucks, and I don't mean the show

So today’s my 24th birthday. But it’s been a crappy day, as 1) my best friend got pissed off at me for no apparent reason last night, 2) I had to quell a small fight at school, 3) I got in a fierce argument with a professor, and 4) my friend’s anger got me so upset that I’m physically ill. Some birthday.

Fortunately, I can always turn to the SDMB for some pity and support. :smiley:

(Actually, I’m really posting this just to get some pity hugs from Cranky and Persephone/.)


i thought this was going to be a thread about the math game i played in elementary school that rocked. I was all about defending my math nerdiness. But, I’m sorry you are having a bad birthday :frowning:

A happier birthday to you…

Umm…that sounds a bit off, what I just said…I meant to say I hope for you to have a great rest-of-the-day!

Good heavens! You must have been sending out some vibes because I recently got that book I told you about (“Lying Awake”) and I was looking at it on my dresser this morning, thinking about how I wouldn’t get time to read it until maybe 2003. And I thought, “You know, Cranky, you really should send that to Res. He’d like it.” And then I thought “No, he’d think is was screwy, you sending him a book out of the blue like that.” So I didn’t. And I even mailed THREE other packages today.

Had I not talked myself out of it, I would have been unknowingly mailing you a birthday present! And NOW I WISH I HAD!!!

Happy birthday. I am sorry it hasn’t been a good day, but heck, weekday birthdays don’t count. Not at all. Your real birthday is on Saturday. Enjoy.

Oh dear-

I’m 24, but not for long.

Being 24 was not much fun at all. Don’t worry, my firends tell me that being 25 is pretty cool.
Happy Birthday, anyway. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something frozen this year.


Considering that the board constantly thinks I’m you for some oddball reason (intermittent vB software bug or something, the mods say), I had to open this thread by the Real Deal[sup]TM[/sup]! Now I feel sad for you, my friend. I’ve had bad birthdays, as well… such as my 20th, where my mom yelled at me for some trivial thing (as usual, but that’s a whole other thread)… so I can sympathize somewhat.

That deosn’t sound like a very auspicious start to being 24 for you. :frowning: I must admit that your birthday really doesn’t sound all that good… but I hope that the rest of the day goes smoothly for you! :slight_smile:

24 wasn’t too bad, considering that I moved out and made some new friends. Here’s hoping your year of being 24 improves, and that you take the little things in life that bring you joy, and cherish them! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to add:

Happy 24th Birthday… and take care of yourself, you hear? :slight_smile:

Yeah, my 24th birthday sucked ass, too.

Hope my 25th is better!