24 to return in January (and 24 Club mid-off-season reunion)

First off, let’s keep this thread free of season four spoilers (if there are any).

Well, according to Fox, 24:4 will begin in January, not December as was reported earlier. Hopefully it will still be 24 weeks in a row, with no AI break.

That said damn, I’m missing this show. A couple of friends of mine borrowed my 24:3 tapes to watch- they have a mini-24 Club, wherein they will not watch any of the show unless they are all together. I would’ve joined them for the first segment but I had to be elsewhere, but I’m hoping to join for the rest of the season.

So that got me all nostalgic for the gang from CTU, but seeing Phone Booth and Flatliners this weekend is driving me over the edge. Plus, a couple of months ago I was out sick from work, so I watched season one again. Damn that Nina! Anyone else break out the old tapes for old times’ sake? The Girl Next Door just isn’t cutting it. (And when are these guys gonna start being in good movies? Phone Booth and Girl Next Door were pretty bad.)

According to FOX, they will not pre-empt the 24-week run unless the President has a speech.

I saw a little while ago that there is a comic in the works, that will take place before the first season.

We still may be able to get our Nina fix.

The 24 comic came out a couple of weeks ago. It looked good, but not $6.95 good. Maybe had I known the author, I’d have picked it up, but I can get a matinee for that price.

What have I done to soothe myself? I downloaded a ringtone from 3gupload.com so now my cell phone sounds like a CTU phone when it rings…dootdoot-dee-dootootootoo… :slight_smile:

I keep seeing articles on various websites about the new cast and who will and won’t be back. It’s KILLING me not to read those things. For all I know, Keifer won’t even be back (I’m sure he will, but dammin, I won’t really know until the first episode, lord willing.)

Was it before the first season? What was it about?

-Stands up, crushed styrofoam coffee cup in shaking hand-

Hi, my name is Marley, I’m a 24 addict. Uh, I guess it all started THERE’S NO TIME!! Sorry. I’m trying to stop doing that… it scares my friends and it’s a real disruption at work… anyway, I guess I got started on 24 in the fall. All my friends were doing it and I just YOU HAVE TO TRUST ME!!! I just didn’t keep my guard up, they talked me into it. It wasn’t that hard after the season ended, I was exhausted, but now I’m jonesing again, it comes and goes and I don’t know what to do. It does feel better to talk about it. CHLOE I NEED THOSE CODES NOW! Thank you.

So how do people rate the various seasons?

Note: this post contains spoilers for seasons 1-3

I find it hard to compare them directly, but my general view is something like this:

Season 1: Started out slow, got good, then lagged for a while (Teri having amnesia? please!) then got good again

Season 2: Started out great, remained great for a long time, but the ending was a letdown. Also featured the worst side plot ever, namely, Stupid Irrelevant Kim

Season 3: Started out very slow, got markedly better, ended up great. Featured the second worst side plot ever, namely, Stuipd Irrelevant President.
Favorite moments: The hacksaw, the nuke going off, Jack killing Chapelle, Jack telling Kim to “shoot him again”
Favorite supporting characters: Mandy (the hot naked lesbian assassin), Chloe. (Am I the only one who adores Chloe?)
Biggest letdown: The fact that the very end of season 2 was basically ignored in season 3
People who I mock: Those who claim that John McClane from Die Hard could take out our man Jack
The only other show that I never missed an episode of when originally broadcast: My So Called Life (and that was only one season)
Things I still miss: I still keep expecting to hear “on the day of the California presidential primary”
Favorite villains: Marie Warner, Stephen Saunders
I’m glad they’re dead so we don’t have to see them anymore: Sherri, all the Millikens, Mason and Chapelle (although both of them redeemed themselves)

You thought the little adventure in a passenger jet flying over the ocean was slow?

MILD SPOILERS/I’ll try not to give any more away than the synopsis that was on the back cover.

Yes, the story takes place before the first season. It’s Jack’s first day as the head of CTU. His assignment: Escort/guard a female IRA operative to an Arizona safehouse before she’s handed over to the CIA as other IRA members try to get ahold of her first.

Capsule review: I thought the artwork was outstanding; you see the faces of Jack and there’s no mistaking him, and his facial expressions. As for the story itself, it started off well, but became a bit muddled 3/4 into it. Based on reading the story, you can see just well-done the tv show is and how hard it is to capture and convey the action, tension and suspense of the series into a one-shot comic book story, though there are flashes where they pull it off. And don’t get me started on subplots (like the President, etc.), as you won’t find ANY of that here. I thought the ending was a bit anti-climatic, but one can argue that some of the season finales have been as well. The comic book is just over fifty pages. The story does encompass a 24-hour period, but unlike the show there isn’t a cliffhanger at the end of every hour. I certainly didn’t expect the story to do that, and that’s a LOT to ask in this format; maybe if it was an ongoing series, but certainly not here. (*aside to Nina fans, she’s present in this story, but certainly not a focal part of the story. She does have a mild scene-stealing bit at the end though.)

As I’m a huge comic book junkie & fan of the show, the publishers saw me coming and my $6.95 was spent no questions asked. I think I was the only person who ordered a copy of this from my local store; I don’t know how it sold elsewhere but am curious. If this was an ongoing series, I would buy it, presumably if it cost less. I’d say I got $4-$5 worth of entertainment for the $7 I spent on it.

Hrm, sounds like SWAT with Sam Jackson and Colin Farrell.

Let’s put it this way: I came VERY close to deleting it from my TIVO after episode 2 or 3, then it gradually pulled back up to being worth watching, then it roared way ahead into the land of extreme ass-kicking.

Agent Tom Baker was in the first season of 24 and did a great job, IMO. I thought it was great to cast an asian actor into a part that could have gone to anyone. Has he been in any later episodes?

Agent Baker, played by Daniel Dae Kim, was around all the way through the end of the third season. In a show where CTU agents usually have short lifespans (especially when they’re around Jack or his family), I thought of Baker as Wedge, the X-Wing pilot from the Star Wars trilogy that survived through all three films. He never had a big role, but you knew he was there, and he was good enough at his job to not get killed.

Sorry, that was MAJORLY geeky.

Is it even more majorly geeky for me to admit that every time I saw him, I said, “Look, it’s Gavin Park from Angel!” and my husband countered with something about him being from Crusade (the short-lived Babylon 5 spinoff, unseen by me)?

I had the same reaction to seeing him in Spiderman 2. Why do I have to point him out EVERY time? GEEKY!