2K for Y2K (or) Zenster's 2,000th Post

Well, once again it’s time for me to get a little crazy. With the splendid help of some chaps over at the ATMB Forum I’ve mastered the art of extracting Post ID Numbers. In my next post to this thread, all of you will find out why that is of any significance. If it seems a little weird that I’m making this post with my count still at 1999, it’s because I want to make a gift to all of you with my 2,000th post.

More importantly, I wanted to let all of you know just how much I enjoy being at these boards. This is the first online community that I have ever been involved in. It has taken me a while to learn the ropes and I appreciate the patience so many of you have shown (especially the mods). The encouragement that a lot of you have given me is more than a little touching. This Holiday season would have been much less enjoyable without the Straight Dope parties and all of the fun here at the boards.

So many of the SF Bay Area Dopers that I have met are quite simply a blast to be around. I always look forward to meeting new people from these boards.

Let the post party begin!

::pops Champagne cork::

And the crowd goes mild. :wink:

Here is the gift that I present to all of you on this wacky occassion.

Happy 2K Zenster!

Took you long enough.
My odometer hit 99,999 and rolled over a month ago :smiley:

Mazel tov, Zenster. Looking forward to 3K!


Congrats, dude- and many more (just not more than me!) Good eats, there!

Happy 2000! Congratulations.

Time to reset your clocks Zenster, the real* new millenium is starting!

In C that’s Happy 2k++

Good for you.:smiley:

What an outstanding Doper you have been, Zenster! I remember when you first made your appearance around here. And you’re already up to 2K? Bravo!

I, too, remember when ye were just a wee babe. Congratulations! I look forward to your overtaking me in the next few months. :smiley:


Happy 2000, Zenster! I wait ever so patiently for the next 2000. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all of you for showing up. Seeing as how the above quote is from someone who is actually capable of the Deified ability to encode smilies, I can only hope to say that the gift I bestow with the recipe index is a <cough> Cast Iron Son of a B!tch <cough> worthy thing. Each page takes about two or three hours to compose and test.

Most important is how much all of you make it worth the effort. Instead of a bulky thread to scan, when you think of a recipe you enjoy, just surf the index. Click on what you like, and know that you are benefiting from the countless burned pots and pans of the teeming brilliance… er, millions.

I’ll stop with the glurge now and end with a simple note.

From so many of you I receive that most precious thing, praise from the praiseworthy.

<Runs out in cheerleader outfit (scary thought), unfurls huge “2000” banner>

Zenster, Zenster, he’s our man! If he can’t do it, no-one c…


He already made it? Ahhhhhhhhh…Hell. Now I have to go change the whole cheer.

<walks off muttering under breath>

Happy Z2K!!

Like, groovy, Food Dude.

Happy 2000, Zenster!

Happy 2000 Zenster :slight_smile:

Keep the beer flowing for me.

Sorry I can’t make the game, but in a Soccer Mom household, there’s always a fuss at Super Bowl time.

Keep me on the list, though, and I should be able to make one of these gatherings.

Hoping you have 2K more Zenster!

congrats Zenster!