3,360 feet is not high altitude

Okay it’s early morning, I am whipped from wanting a fellow doper (yes you know who you are,) I have been drinking but I am not fucking stupidly drunk.

I am watching some stupid as show about skiing…they boast about the fact the the place is located 3,360 feet…MY GOD I live at 6,400+ feet…what’s the big fucking deal?

My favorite ski area has a base of 9,600 feet…what is up with that? The peaks (the bowls) go up to at least 12,000 feet…what a bunch of pussies to talk about 3,600 feet being so freakin high.

God you low landers (sorry those of you that learned to ski on little hills) that’s fucking crap! One of my best friends lives higher than most of you low landers have ever been, full time. Yep, she and her husband and her baby live at at 9,700 feet.

So what’s the big fucking deal with 3,360 feet? It’s not that big fucking deal. I live at 6,400 feet and go up to the mountains (say Pikes Peak) that can tower well over 12,000 feet, ummmm Pikes Peak towers at 14,610 feet.) That’s quit an altitude climb…3,000 feet my ass.

Pardon me, this show, and I apologize for not knowing the name of it, but they made such a big fucking deal of it, like the world only lives at sea level…egads, living at 6,400 feet is not that big of a deal but when people sit there and boast that their ski areas go up to 3,600 feet, I have to fucking laugh.

Flame me, mock me, but know that I find that going from my altitude to about 12,000 is far more a feat than from sea level to 3,600 feet. Wusses.

< gotta roll my eyes, and hard >

Oh and damn it’s Sunday morning and now all there is on is a bunch of fucking religious programing…7:00am, but that’s not my beef.

wuzzup with that? There are towns in Tibet that are around 14,000 feet (cite puts it at 4014 meters). Litang is one I went to in the winter. That is really high. Walk 10 feet and you feel like throwing up, passing out and your head is spinning. That would be over 10,000 feet higher than this little bitty ski resort. Dunno, maybe it was in Australia or somewhere.

I climbed up over 16,000 feet and I was sucking serious wind. 3,360 feet, HA!

I need to clarify something here. The world does not revolve around those that live at low altitudes, not one bit. While a good majority live at low altitudes, you have to learn to love and like what we have here.

Most low landers have a very hard time with altitude sickness, which is why I felt the program was being unfair. A measly 3,600 feet over sea level is nothing to boast about.

I beg them to go to stay in Alma, Colorado where the air is thin and people live there like the world is great. (Oh BTW, Alma is also a part of South Park, Colorado, you know the cartoon.)

Anyhow, I am sorry for this stupid bitch of mine but the idea that 3,600 feet is such a damn high altitude in that it was misrepresentative for those that train for the Olympic skiing events. I bet you that many will be in our Colorado resort towns to train for the 2002 Olympics. Several of our skiing places are at least 2,000 feet higher than those of the areas in Utah…not that that is a bad thing. But I hate to see a show boast that 3,600 feet is high, it’s not high, I am located higher than Denver and much higher than Salt Lake…it’s crap.

What a fucking lame rant.


I have taken the extreme liberty of truncating your sentence, so that I can vehemently disagree with that particular sentiment.

In general, I have long ceased to be amazed at people’s ability to turn any trivial difference into some sense of superiority. But in this case, I am truly amazed that someone could spew such lame epithets like “lowlander” and feel haughtily superior to others based on their ALTITUDE.

Says Billy as he pushes Techchick68 out of the basket of the balloon “You’ll be fine! It’s like, a step.”

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Ditto for what Chas.E said. Might as well feel superior because of your longitude.

Go wake up and we’ll stop poking fun at you.


no, no it’s latitude!

Obviously the effects of living in an oxygen-deficient atmosphere are cumulative and have finally atrophied techie’s brain to the point where she can’t even work up a pit-worthy rant.

I would argue this point. Myself and 11 other Wisconsinites left Milwaukee (220 ft asl) and 6 hours later we were in Frisco, CO (9,097 ft asl). We broke every rule about acclimitizing yourself, i.e. we drank like vikings for 2 weeks, and not one of us got altitude sickness.

Chas E. I Said and I quote

So there…sides I am over on my local TV station’s message board defending gays…God my stupid high altitude town needs a good breath of fresh air. We got too many Focus On the Family assholes here…I think they need to go back to California (sorry Cali folks…get them out of my nieghborhood, I live 5 minutes from the fuckers.)

I am seriously moving to the mountains where I don’t have to deal with such assholes. But I need the money first. Checking the Power Ball tix, who knows I might have made 200,000.

God I can’t get away from it.


ASSHOLES, if you want to know what I am defending then you will have email me, and only if’n I know you well enough I will introduce you to the thread in question.

Fuck…I pick the whimpiest fights but when something else comes up I am all over it like white on rice. This one is worth the weight in gold…wish it was worth gold. Goddamned gay/lesbian/bi/alternative lifestyle bashers…Fuck they piss me off.

Oh and I live at over 6,400 feet BTW, higher than Fuckin Denver.

Well shit, I told you it was a lame fucking rant. SO fuck you LOL.

August West,

You fuckin Wisconinites are a rare breed, I know many that come up here and drink like fish…ummmm, go fish, er go figure…it’s all in the ability to drink.

One of my best friend’s husband’s family is in Wisconsin, they drink as much as they do there up at 9700 feet, with little effects.

I swear the fish and cheese must be soaked with Everclear full time there. You people freak me out, seen some Wisconsinites (sp, sorry) drink me under the table, a rare occurance.

There is a rare low lander that can drink me under the table and I will admit that it’s usually one from Wisconsin that can do as much.

You all inhale some weird shit that makes you drink more, LOL. I swear, you fucking aliens.


< snort >


Don’t drink and post. Or drink and drive, or drink and dial.

If the idea of claiming superiority because of altitude wasn’t enough, the idea that somehow altitude (or the lack thereof) makes one a superior alcoholic, is pretty amazing.

My closest friend is a great lover of Jack Daniels. He stops at the liquor store every day and buys a fifth. When he gets home, he puts the bottle in the freezer. He takes the bottle from the night before, icy cold, and drinks it. Then, he goes out to do some serious drinking. he has done this, to my knowledge, for twenty-one years. He’s not from Wisconson, and he’s quite capable of doing this at sea level, or in the himalayas. WTF is the big deal about altitude? Call the station running the program in question and bitch. The rant is way too lame for the pit.

Yes, it’s referred to as oxygen. Come down and get some. Makes your brain run a little better.
And OBTW, what the HELL does that have to do with sexual orientation?

(hehe! You SNORTED!)

3,600 feet? I figured that would put them somewhere in Kansas, so I went off to my trusty State Farm Road Atlas to look for mountains in Kansas. And I found one – Mt. Sunfower.

Wanting pics of the mountain, I sarched the web, and came across a site reporting on an expedition to climb Mt. Sunflower.
The thrilling challenges of low-altitude mountaineering
Sunflower, Mountain of Doom”

Wow! What an expedition! The pics are fantastic, and the article is riveting. Here are a couple of photo captions by Troy Bettinger to wet your whistle:

“After a strenuous climb, the site for Base Camp is located at a flat spot on the lip of a cliff. Base Camp will be our home while we adjust to the oppressive altitude.”

“In the early stillness at Middle Camp, the team rests before climbing ever higher. One more camp must be established - High Camp, where climbers will acclimate before pushing off in their bid to reach the summit of Sunflower.”

“Here the team presses on to the summit under the oppressive atmosphere.”

All I can say is this report has given me a new perspective on climbing in the 3,000-4,000 ft. elevation range. I strongly urge that you visit the site and read the report on the ascent of Mr. Sunflower, and that while you’re there, also check out “The Point, to Highest Nebraska and Back”, which also was written up in the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle.

This is thick air adventure at its finest!

Billy Rubin

Because I was reading another board that was giving people shit for it, that’s what…

Hey want a beer, I am on my 10th LOL


Those quotes are fucking riot…FUCKIN A…I am snorting, and I snort a lot but that’s fucking hiliarious.

So wait. I’m officially confused.

When Joe Walsh sang, “Spent the last year Rocky Mountian way, couldn’t get much higher,” was he referring to altitude or something else?

I’m just glad they pressurize the cabin when I fly over those things.

Umm, Manny, you know better than that…

Rocky Mountain High aint just what you smoke it’s the altitude…


You low landers piss me off, ROFLMAO.

I still crack up at people that go to the Pikes Hill Climb, and yes I am an altitude snob, from the low lands and try to drink one beer ('cept those Wisconinites) and wonder why they are all fucked up LOL.

Those evil, cultish creatures who believe that men must wear tinfoil hats and the women all have to have Hillary Clinton hair, practice multiple marriages to all their farm animals, and regularly worship the assclown of evil!

Compared to the Wisconinites, the Mennonites seem pretty bland.

While we’re at it, I just want to make a point about the unwashed heathen whose dining room windows don’t point to true north. What scum they are. Don’t they understand? I can eat almost a whole BUSHEL of cheese sliders. Those “Non-true-north pointers” can hardly eat a ten-sack. And the conservationists are really pissing me off!!


Billy Rubin,

< snort >

We got plenty of Menonites around here and you Wisconinites are a fucking blast…who knew a bloody mary was good with pickle juice and with dill pickle spears, you mofos know how to fucking drink.

And I am not kidding I had one of your fmailies living next to me and they got me all fuckered up, not an easy task in an afternoon. Takes a lot for me to get drunk.

So I reliquish all my claims to Wisconinites being low landers, they can drink until the fish come home…but I challenge any other doper to go up with me to drink in the mountains of Colorado and see who can deal without falling over…'cept you Wisconinites. LOL, I aint stupid!

I’m looking at the picture of you on your website, imagining you drunk and snorting. And sort of wishing you lived closer- I’d drive all thoughts of that “other” fellow doper out of your mind. You don’t have a webcam, do you? I’d like to watch.

And I’m NOT from wisconson. And I don’t drink at ALL. but I could sure do SOMETHING to you under the table…


Hey, that’d be me. My brain explodes at 13,000 ft, so I have to feel superior because of my latitude, which is greater than most of you folks, and has me living in a region which advertises itself as “Superior by Nature” and which is on a lake called Superior.

Of course my self-sanctimonious bubble gets popped by my cousin’s hubby who spends a third of his time up near the north pole at Eureka. But even then, at least I can go jump in the lake in the summer.

Yup, superior, superior, superior. That’s me. Thank heaven for latitude, for without it, I’d be nothing.

When you combine altitude with latitude 3000 feet an be a long way.

Scottish mountains claim lives every winter, not just the elevation but because of the cold and lack of daylight.

It’s not just the height that counts, it’s the angle of the dangle.