3 cats in 1 year, dammit!

2006 has not been a good year for cats in the 'addi house. As of today, we are down to, well, none.

We lost Butters in April from kidney failure, Acorn died in July from pneumonia and just an hour ago, we lost Pumpkin to lymphoma.

All were foundlings, all were sweet, all were older than Og and all are missed.

R.I.P., guys. :frowning:

My condolences. It’s tough losing one member of the family, let alone three.

That’s tough. It’s one (of several) reasons I have not gotten another cat since Lillian and Dorothy died, it’s too hard when they get sick and die on you. Not to mention expensive!

Get yourself to the shelter pronto. A house with no cats needs cats and there are lives to be saved at the shelter!

All beautiful kitties, koeeoaddi. I’m sure they loved living with you as much as you enjoyed having them.

When you’re out of cats…you’re out of pets! :dubious: Hope you find some more kittyluv when you feel ready.

I can’t completely agree with this. Rushing out to replace cats that have passed away with new ones doesn’t seem quite right. As Beware of Doug says: “Hope you find some more kittyluv when you feel ready.”

Last one of my tribe passed away back in '98 or so (euthanased due to kidney failure). Still haven’t replaced them, and probably won’t for years to come – my lifestyle’s too hectic for pets, IMO. I have a friend though who felt so terribly lonely without her cat after hers had to be put down, that within weeks she’d organised taking another one in through her vet.

Mileage definitely varies.

Three great losses in one year?

My condolences. Think of the three of them, somewhere together, figuring out which cat back here is right to keep you company.

Yes, this is why (after some soul-searching) I didn’t get more pugs when my beloved puggers all eventually died of old age. It’s miserable to watch them get old and die. If I were to get a new pup now, I’d be 65 and probably on a fixed income by the time it got ancient and sick. I’m going to need all my cash for my own infirmities!

And that’s why I changed my username from pugluvr to teela brown.

I’m so sorry you’ve been left catless. This must be so much harder on you now because you don’t have a kitty to cuddle and comfort you. :frowning:

Yeah, I guess MM is definitely Ving, at least for now. After taking care of 3 very sick kitties and watching them die one by one, I think I’m going to wait for the next cat to find me. They eventually always do.

DeVena, I do have a very strange and marvelous dog, Daisy-Diesel. I sat her down for a serious chat tonight. No bullshit, Daisy, you’re planning on hanging in there at least 8 or 9 more years, right?

Thanks you all for the kind words.

I’m so sorry for all your losses.

I’m sorry to hear about your cats. Your dog is definitely adorable, and all three of your kitties were beauties. I can understand why you’d want to wait for fate to bring you another one instead of looking for one right now.

Sorry about your sweet kitties. They were all gorgeous. But Daisy-Diesel is also very cute and looks quite capable of offering comfort.

So sorry to hear about your kitty losses, koeeoaddi. The Hallhouse is down to our last two (from a grand total of four at one point), and I’ve vowed not to add another kitty until Ailey and Maya move to the great Kitty Beyond. When we lost Mouse it was painful and when Katie died it nearly undid me (four years later and the thought of Katie not being here still makes me want to cry). Ailey (nicknamed “old man” because he’s sprouting grey hair amongst his once-entire black fur) is getting up there in age, and he’s been fighting something upper respiratory for awhile, so I’m not sure if this will be his last winter, or he’ll hang in there.

When my beloved Bun (rabbit) died, it took awhile for me to even think about getting another. Even though Bun lasted longer than was anticipated for a rabbit (five years), I felt like there was something I should have done to enable him to live longer. (In reality, the vet and I did everything we could have done, and then some.) One day, I was in SuperPets getting kitty litter, and walked past the crates with adoptable rabbits from our local rabbit-rescue group. There was Val, and I fell in love, and I knew I had healed enough to let another rabbit into my life.

One day, you will probably be there again as well, koeeoaddi. You’ll know it’s time when your life opens up and you find a cat in it. :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, Koeeopaddi. I have recently lost my one and only cat, but losing three must be horrible.
Like you, although I expect to get another cat, I aint rushing it. Methinks a homeless cat will turn up and find when when it wants to :slight_smile:

Pumpkin lived on the mountain side below our house. The first time we saw him (though binoculars) he was crouched under a tree in an ice storm and we thought he was an opossum. He had no fur on his tail and hardly looked like a cat at all. When we realized he was a cat we tried to get him to come in, but he wouldn’t let anyone near him.

After about a week, he started sneaking into the garage for kitty food when he thought no one was around. One day, I surprised him while he was eating and instead of running off, he came up to me and started weaving around my feet, not letting me walk. He just decided to be our cat, followed me into the house and never wanted to leave it (the lazy bastard).

I think he was someone else’s cat before he came to us. Someone not too nice. It took him a couple of years before he wouldn’t completely flatten his body to the floor when someone started him, or reached down to pet him to quickly.

We don’t know where he came from or how old he was, but we had him for 12 years and I adored that stupid cat. He was my favorite. Dumb dumb stupid sweet kitties with minuscule lifespans.

Thanks again, everyone.