3 egg whites, tomatoes, onions and buttered whole wheat toast. How hard is that?

I work in a Godforsaken, parking lot and thruway encrusted industrial park that is two hours away from my home by mass transit and I don’t drive. When I get to work I call my breakfast in to the greasy-spoon in the building.

I used to walk in and order it in person, but my boss doesn’t like that. Can’t say I blame him since this cafeteria can take up to twenty minutes to serve a plain bagel with a shmere. At least when you ordered the food in person you were able to look at what was served and when it was (invariably) wrong, have them fix it. Now you can only run in, drop down your money and run out-- hoping against hope that your order is right.

My order, every day without fail, is three egg whites with onions, tomatoes and one slice of bacon in an omlette with buttered whole wheat toast. What I have gotten: [ul][li]A regular whole egg omlette with tomatoes and onions with a side of bacon-- no toast. []3 egg whites, tomato, bacon and green pepper omlette-- no toast.[]3 egg whites, tomato, onion, bacon omlette (yay!) with an untoasted unbuttered bagel. []3 egg whites tomato, onions, bacon omlette (again, yay!) with untoasted, unbuttered whole wheat bread.[]3 egg whites, tomato and mushroom omlette with toasted dry white bread. [/li][/ul]
Maybe the proprietess of the cafeteria feels I should cut back on my carbs and has decided to never, ever give me buttered whole wheat toast. Or maybe they’re a bunch of freakin’ morons.

Why not bring your own breakfast. What you order is easy to cook, and you’d save a lot of money and hassle besides! :slight_smile:

I don’t bring my own breakfast in because I’d rather sleep and bitch than wake up a half an hour earlier to cook.

Gee, thank, Biggirl. Where the hell am I going to get an omelette with buttered toast at 1:40 in the afternoon in downtown Baltimore?

You should read Steve Allen’s room-service and customer-service horror stories in his book Dumbth. Some of those goobers make these people look like geniuses.

I want a slice of dry white toast.

And a whole roast chicken, please.

Damn! You mean it takes you half an hour to cook an egg and make toast? Best of luck, dear.

Yeup. Especially if I want bacon, tomatoes and onions in my egg. How long does it take you?

Hey Biggirl something I found quick and verra simple is to get the Egg Beaters small cartons, grab some chopped tomatos and onions from the salad bar and a bottle (yep bottle) of Hormel Bacon bits (they’re real bacon). Have these on hand for your mornings. dump it all together and it takes about 5 minutes to cook.

Hope this helps. g


Five minutes. Ten if I dawdle. If you’re worried about the bacon, there’s pre-cooked bacon now that nukes in 30 seconds. It’s thin, crispy, and delicious. In fact, you could do your whole omelet in the microwave. The longest part would be the toast.

I don’t have a salad bar in my house, catsmeow. But otherwise good idea.

Doesn’t make the cafeteria workers any less moronic.

silly Biggirl g I mean grab them off the one at your local food mart. They should last a week in the fridgie. G

And you’re right, it doesn’t make them less moronic. g

Nothing more frustrating than being stuck with a lousy cafeteria. The cafe in my building is pretty good, generally, but sometimes they do very odd things.

Like last week, I went in 15min after they opened for lunch. I requested the bizarre food product called a “hamburger”. They had no “hamburgers” prepared, none in a partial state of cookedness, none defrosted. The cook offered to place the rock hard frozen hockey puck of a burger on the griddle for me. Not having 20 minutes to wait for the thing, I declined…

Of course, on other days, they may have a half dozen burgers sitting in a warmer for the customer to just grab and go. The mind boggles.

You sure do grin a lot, Catsmeow.


I’ve been told I have a cute g friedo


I hestitate to point this out, but it’s obvious to me the problem is the tomato. Satan’s little fruit is mucking everything up for you.

Try leaving the tomato off your order. I bet it comes out perfect every time.

It’s the nature of the tomato to spread chaos wherever it goes.

And I want spam, three egg whites, spam, tomatoes, spam, spam, onions, spam, buttered whole wheat toast and spam. With spam on the side.

Then count the number of jaws you see dropping to the floor.

For extra credit, get some of your friends to dress up as Vikings and sing that glorious song…


::honk, honk::

And two hard-boiled eggs!


Personally, I love spam.

I’d like an omelet, plain, and a chicken salad sandwich on wheat toast, no mayonnaise, no butter, no lettuce. And a cup of coffee.