3 to 5 feet?

Wow, the weather dudes are predicting that we should get 3-5 feet of snow in Denver the next few days. The mountains are supposed to get more naturally. Hopefully it should help with our drought, but 5 feet of snow is still only 6 inches or so of actually water. Haven’t had a decent blizzard here in a while, so I’m looking mostly forward to it. But I still haven’t got my fridge replaced, so if I get stuck in the house for a couple days, I will be eating lots of rice. It’s already raining fairly hard and looks like it will be changing to snow quickly, so St. Patties might kind of suck this year.

Oh well, Being stuck in the house during march madness shouldn’t be too bad, as long as the beer store is still open. :slight_smile:

“…We were supposed to have, according to Al [Roker], 4 to 12 inches of snow. That’s his prediction. We had thirty-six inches. Now, goving him the benefit of the doubt, he’s two feet off! Now if you were a roofer, and you built a roof, and it was two feet off, you’d still be in prison!”
Lewis Black, White Album.

Damn I’m glad I live in the South!
(Please remind me that I said that come August, OK?)

only about 3 inches a my house so far, but looks it might be the start of something.

I’m just thanking God for broadband and VPN :slight_smile:

I love my car, but a rear-wheel drive standard just isn’t the best choice for going 20 miles in these conditions.

Got a foot up on Hoosier pass. About 12 miles south of Breckenridge. Still snowing, looks like we will get another foot or so.

Gonna have to plow tonight.

Down here in Colorado Springs we have anywhere from 4 inches to a foot, depending on where you are in relation to the storm. They (The assorted weathermen) say tonight could be even worse, I hope so. I want the snow to continue for days. Anything to begin to break the drought, and let me have a campfire this summer.
Selfish? You betcha!

Five feet is taller than me. I’m glad I don’t live there.

About 10 inches here so far. After a couple of hours of relatively light snow, it’s picking up again. We’ve got at least 24 more hours to go from this storm, and then another one comes in on Friday. yee-ha

Half an hour later, it’s snowing really hard and the lights are flickering. A power outage would really suck right now.

I have about 8 inches here, but most of it is blowing into drifts. I sure hope I don’t run out of alcohol and cigs as I don’t want to drive in this. The local streets are about 6-8 inches and the Honda doesn’t like to be in the snow.

I can see a major roadway from my office (Woodman Road) and it’s clear and people seem to be driving at the posted 45 mph though.

We’re expecting more tonight, I would hate to be a commuter tomorrow morning!

What ticks me off is that the Blizzard of 1997 I was living in Denver and most of the activity was down here in C Springs. This time I am in C Springs and the low is too far north to give us the amounts they are getting in Denver. :frowning: The last real blizzard I remember being in was Christmas of 1981 or 1982.

We have at least 18" right now and it is still coming down hard. My car got stuck up the street coming home and I had to call my brother with a 4-wheel drive truck to come and get me out. He had to tow 5 other people just to get to my car. I told them before I left work I wasn’t even going to try to come in tomorrow. Hooray! I can sleep in.:slight_smile:

I just shovelled my driveway (this is some heavy, wet, snow) and we have about 15 inches. In the half hour I was shovelling, nearly an inch accumulated where I started.

The fun thing is that the worst of it hasn’t even started yet. As soon as it gets dark and the temps fall a few degrees (it’s 32 F now), it’s really going to start piling up. The National Weather Service site has upped the snow totals three times since 2:30. First, 4-8 inches tonight, then 8-12, now it’s 10-16 inches. That’s in addition to what we already have. Then another 4-8 inches tomorrow.

Unless something dramatic happens, this is going to be the biggest snowstorm I’ve ever been in. Some places in the foothills like Coal Creek Canyon could see 80 inches!!!. That’s nearly 7 freaking feet.

I am bumping this because of the historic nature of this storm. Denver is known as a winter weather place, but this may be the greatest storm in the history of a place known for storms.

It is now predicted that we will get at least two feet of snow oficially, which is at the airport far from the foothills. Predictions now estimate 3-5 * feet* of snow before it ends in the city and 5-8 feet in the western suburbs and foothills, with favorable areas getting 7-8 feet!.


Glad I skipped work today, and glad I am skipping work tommorrow, 30 miles is too far to drive in this stuff

Well my Satelite dish is now buried, So I have no idea what the new predidtions are. But that sounds abour right. My house has two feet of covering, with drifts up to four feet or so. And did I mention my dish is buried? No TV and stuck at home, and I may be looking for the shining soon.

Yup, our satelite has been buried all day, we have been watching dvds

I loved the news cast today calling it a “perfect storm”. Showed the satellite view with the low creating a pipeline right from the gulf.
Here’s the 9news page with some of the totals for any interested non-Coloradans.

I think tomorrow will be a good day to mix up a pot of chili to simmer all day. :slight_smile:

Man, here in New Mexico we need snowpack for the drought also. I hope you all don’t have major problems with the snow, but we all need precip out here.

And wolfman wow, I didn’t know how little actual water we get from snowpack. Bummer.

Too little too late I fear drought-wise, but we’ll take it what we can get.

I might be a little off on that. I had always heard there was about an inch of water in 10 inches of snow but I’ve never verified that. But they’re saying this snow is so wet it’s about an inch of water in 4 inches of snow, Woohoo.