30 Rock - "Stone Mountain" - 10/29

Wow, no thread on this yet?

Thought it was a really solid episode. A lot of great quotes.

Jimmy Fallon can’t act his way out of a paper bag, but the joke about his first guest being a soccer-playing sheep was pretty funny.

Loved the off-brands in Georgia: Peppy Bismilk and Schwuppe’s Gingy Pail.

Tracy on learning of the real Pac-Man’s death: “I’m gonna eat a lotta cherries and a lotta ghost meat!”

Betty White was hilarious, and I actually enjoyed the way they used Jeff Dunham, who I normally can’t stand.

Hilarious references to Georgia’s history as a prison colony: Kenneth’s family originally settled in Sexcrimeboat.

Ok, I’m off to find an invite to a gay Halloween party.

I like the ep too and the goings on in Georgia and the back and forth with LIz and jack and were really funny.

I thought the bit with Jenna was kind of weak though. It was a funny concept that with her going up against the writers but it needed some kind of oomph or somthing to push it over. It was OK, but there were 3 plots going on, so maybe it didn’t have enough time to develop.

“All God’s children are terrible.”

The look of suppressed glee on Jack’s face when Liz ordered the carp and chuckle sandwich was priceless.

I have an unnatural fear of all ventriloquist dummies, so I really enjoyed Jack stomping “Pumpkin” to the ground. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

“I’ll have the carp po’ boy with extra chuckles.”

Betty White: “Tracey! I haven’t heard from you since we did that rapping grandma movie. You were wonderful as the grandma.”

What I loved about that line was that it was written and delivered like something they’d give Tracy to say. Starting w/ a normal statement and then giving it a weird twist at the end. You don’t see many other characters getting those kinds of lines.

But he was in a movie with Queen Latifah!

And Gatoroon.

Also liked Kenneth in at least three different roles as other people at the Comedy Club, including one in drag.

Both 30 Rock and The Office had carp jokes last nite?? (trying not to sound koi here)

Yep, and both Parks & Rec and 30 Rock had “gay Halloween party” jokes.

This was a great episode that had me giggling at the tv, which always makes me feel foolish when I’m alone.

The puppet’s head? classic. And even though it was standard heckler shtick, his zingers to Liz and Jack were great.

I normally can’t stand Jimmy Fallon, so it was refreshing that I didn’t want him to turn the ax on himself.

I think Betty White gets even funnier as she gets older.

“Chuckle Hut” = “taint”?

“The island is just Hurley’s dream.”

First I had a chuckle, then I lizzed so much I almost jacked.

I did not notice that!

More like the second taint. Taint is between genitals & anus, chuckle is between anus & tail.

So if the chuckle is the last part of the pig to be used, the taint is probably next to last.

I only noticed Kenneth in the club in drag. There were others? He later mentioned his Memaw (sp?) saw the attack, but the girl Kenneth wouldn’t be his Memaw, would she?

Knowing way too much about Stone Mountain ruined some of it for me. It’s just a suburb of Atlanta, not all that far out. Pretty much the same as any other US suburb, fairly well developed. Not exactly an area where people would have farm animals. And they have regular Pepto-Bismol, etc.

Now, if they had been using Macon all along (Jack McBrayer’s actual hometown), then they could have gotten away with it. Better yet, Valdosta. Give Liz some boiled peanuts.

Heck, she could be his Sis-sis and his Mee-maw.

Same here. That took me out of the episode, knowing that Stone Mountain is just your ordinary strip mall built up suburb of a major city.

Earlier when Jack was alone at the club and gave the puppet guy a standing ovation, there was a quick closeup shot of Kenneth in a moustache, turning his head towards the right. See here at about 12:40