36 Circles - Android Puzzle Game

36 Circles is an ad-supported puzzle game available exclusively on Android. Very simple gameplay - simply tap the circles to make squares. Choose between turn-based or timed mode. Global leaderboard allows you to pit yourself against your Google Plus friends or aim to top the global ranking.

I think you picked the wrong forum to post this in. You might want to ask a mod to move it to the games forum.

That said, I have to ask if you are <edited by mod>. I note that 36 circles has been only downloaded ~100 times from the Google play store and all of the ratings have exactly the same text (including the three names above). Did you develop the game? What is the rest of the story?

I will check it out if I have time.

Pretty sure the OP was involved in making the app, since the app’s developer page links to a company in Victoria, Australia which is also listed as the OP’s location.

Downloaded it and tried it, neat game!

I posted in the marketplace because I’m involved in the development of the game, and although it is free to download, it’s ad-supported so I could potentially benefit financially from the game. I thought about seeking permission to post in the game room, but decided this was a more ethical choice. I do think it’s a nifty, fun little game but I’m promoting it because of my involvement with it, and I read through the marketplace forum rules, and felt comfortable that there wouldn’t be a violation.

I’ve asked a moderator to remove the real names from your post as, as you can tell by the small number of downloads, the game has just been released and most of the players are people we know and have personally told about it. I don’t want them to stumble across this forum through a vanity search.

Thanks! As a little two person, spare time operation we get a real buzz from good feedback :slight_smile:

Good call. Since you are promoting a business venture you are involved in this is where it belongs. Good luck with it.

Although I don’t think Happy Fun Ball was maliciously doxxing anyone I didn’t see a need to have IRL names appear in this thread. No bad marks for HFB.

I’m an Apple guy so I guess I won’t be trying it.

Neat game! At first I thought it was similar to match-three style removers, but the buttons and turn limit make it much more interesting than that.

Thanks! It’s simple to play, but challenging to score well :slight_smile:

Yiiii. I was not trying to do anything malicious, I was truly curious. Eliahna, sorry to post the names, no harm was intended.

I still have not had time to try the game, maybe this weekend.

No worries! Easily sorted :slight_smile:

Installed and tried it. It’s a neat game, with a nice interface. The rules are simple, but still the game is challenging and addicting. Thanks for the game!

And all the best! :slight_smile:

Oh, dear. Another addictive game. I’ve only played three rounds but my score improved each time. I see a lot of this in my future. Nice game!