4/14 X-Files

First X-FIles episode I’ve seen in about 3 years, maybe more. A teaser I saw earlier in the week caught my attention. Really creepy. It harkened back to the days when X-Files episodes were all self-contained. Very disturbing.

Anyone have any thoughts on this episode? Seemed like one they would’ve shown the first season. If they had stayed like this, show wouldn’t be on its final legs.

(On a side note, I hope CSI keeps having only self-contained episodes. If it gets to into the lives of the characters, that show could be headed down the same dark path…)

Predictable and a total ripoff of “The Regulators” by Stephen King. Basic premise was way too simular… child creates monsters through imagination that wreak havoc on unsuspecting folks. In “The Regulators” the child’s imaginary creations were childlike and not-quite-perfect as the child did not know better… same here with the gutless sheriff.


I think I am just bitter because we are down to the homestretch for the X-Files, and week after week I tune in hoping for those elusive (non-existent?) answers, and they keep giving me these self contained spookfests that try to recapture the glory days of the X-Files.

It’s over Chris. Finish the story and move on.

I liked it…!

and many of the X-Files in the FIRST seasons have been done in one way or another. I haven’t gone without disappointment for the show, but I’m looking forward to the final and maybe the movies if good. I guess I just see it different than most of the bitter fans.

I thought this one was much better than they have been this season. Robert Patrick showed me again why he’s the best thing to happen to that show in about three seasons. I even thought the story was pretty good and original until I realized that any minute now someone was going to get wished into the cornfield. Still never explained why the kid was afraid of the things under his bed when he was the one making them.
And did anyone else think it was a bit hypocritical for the writer to tell us that too much tv exposure will stifle your imagination? I guess the evidence is that he had to steal his story idea from the Twillight Zone.

It was promising, but it ended up silly and feeling like it was a recycled episode from season 2 or 3.

Next week’s ep brings back The Lone Gunmen, so I’m looking forward to it probably the most I’ve looked forward to an ep this season. And it looks like someone dies. As I read on the official site just before this season began that Agent Reyes was supposed to die, I’m thinking/hoping it will be her. Though the show needed a Mulder to replace Mulder, I never did care for her character.

The episode was OK, not great. I had a really baaaaad feeling when the kid said to Reyes “I made this” . I just thought man, this season is gonna end with some hokey shit like it’s all a dream Mulder’s sister was having or a fake past implanted by aliens or some thing so totally contrived that it will make any reruns no matter how good, wholly unwatchable.