4000th post! Hallelujah! Male strippers for all!

Bring pot, cookies, and men… I’ve beaten 4000 posts! That’s 1000 since last September! Do I have no life or what?

Uh, Matt, bro, my Canadian buddy… would you mind throwing a few female dancers in the mix here? I know I would appreciate it, and there’s quite a few bi/gay females here too you know…


WTG, by the way… hehehhehe

You know how much everyone hates post parties!
You bastard!
You should conform and do as the masses wish you to do!

(oh and congrats on the 4000, you prick! :slight_smile: )

no booze?? I’m not coming! (I can overlook the male strippers, but booze is the essential.)


Hmm. How about I combine two great tastes that taste great together, and provide you with these pot cookies? :wink:

Happy 4000! I’d say it in French but it’s late and I’m too lazy to remember how to count.

Why do all the straight people always crash the hot gay parties and insist on flaunting their sexuality right in front of us? I mean, really - the only thing matt would do with a female dancer is dis her choice of pasties.

Now, then, matt my love, in celebration of such a momentous occassion… hit it, boys!

{Seductive music begins, and Esprix begins to slowly remove shirt}

Care to help me off with this, stud? :wink:


congrats Dude. Maybe we can compromise- some real hot Transvestites? :smiley:

Félicitations one votre quatre-millième poteau, matt_mcl!

Ou peut-être:

Félicitations one votre quatre-millième affichage, matt_mcl!

Good for you. :smiley:

[sup]Hey! Get away from me![/sup] :eek:

:: Moves away from Gunslinger ::

Well excuse me. Next time, get your own damn beer.

Congratulations matt. Tell me, what advice can you give to someone who’s been around a while and still hasn’t got more than seven hundred some-odd posts. :wink:

Um, looks like something just came up… :o

“Congratulations on your four-thousandth fence post?” Hey, it’s big, but it’s not that big…



I’ve never had a lapdance from a male before, but what the hell… it’s free, right?

Congrats, man.

Wow. Male strippers, pot, AND cookies? Matt, you are a most generous host! I’ll bring my hooka :slight_smile:



hey, Esprix, it’s not the male stripping I have a problem with - it’s matt’s party after all.

but no Maudite? no Fin du monde? no Caribou? not even a humble Laurentide? call that a party? ah well…

Male strippers? Cool.
Pot…more cool.


Happy 4000!