50 Best Protest Signs of 2009

Check it Outfor a Laugh

Pretty much as the year comes to close, I always like to look back on it in interesting ways (like best Editorial comics of the year, best movie quotes of the year, etc), and this was definitely an interesting year based on all the protest signs.

My personal favorites are #44 and #49.
49 feels like it could have been done by a Doper :smiley:

Looking through a few of the signs, I had to wonder- is this actually a real protestor, or someone holding the sign just to be ironic? A few of them… could go either way.
Anyways, just thought I’d share it for a few laughs, and a look back on the issues of the year.

I needed that laugh.

#44 and #27 are my favorites.

‘‘Would you rather I marry your daughter?’’


49 was the best out of the pack by far.

If the last one was Adam West that would be the best thing ever.

Nope. #50. Great stuff.

Haha. This one and “Who do you think designed your wedding dress?” had me cracking up.

Those are the best protest signs I’ve seen since the Writers’ Strike. I remember one call-and-response cheer they did: “What do we want? Residuals! When do we want them? Later!”

45 made me laugh.

I also love “Corduroy skirts are a sin.”

I don’t get number 35 at all.

“Pubic” option.

At the G20 protests in London this summer, a there was a banner outside the HBOS building saying “While you are here protesting, we are repossessing your house”. Evil, but funny.

#47 has me all worried about roving bands of Japanese teenagers… :eek:


44 and 49 were my favorites.

“Would you rather I marry your daughter?” was up there too. :smiley:

I like the fact that both sides of the spectrum are represented.

That’s actually why I really liked it- there were some great signs, and some stupid signs but both sides kinda had it pretty even, as well as some really fun random ones.

The fact that both sides were using children to promote their issues was up there with my least fav. but i certainly can’t accuse one side of using that tactic.
The Kanye west one still makes me crack up though.

Number 43 looks odd, almost photoshopped. But it’s more the guy’s head than the sign. A few others look just a bit too perfect, but I guess that could just be good photography, or just someone touching up a real photo.

4 was the first one to make me laugh. 7 was better, although I got caught up with the way the nonfunny sign looks more like the sign outside the church. 11 was the most witty, but I think 27, with all its nonsensical signs, was the best. It looks like the guy actually got away with it. (Unless it was, as I mentioned earlier, a really good Photoshopping job)

the story behind that one

Ah, it makes much more sense now, and is quite cool :slight_smile:

Here’s where they got the idea. It’s a pretty common thing to see at protests in Ireland now (the photo in #4 was taken in Dublin).