67th Golden Globe Awards (2010)

The Golden Globes are always fun. Ricky Gervais is hosting and he’s a riot. Should be a good show. I’ll be rooting for my faves, especially television shows (like Glee).

Anyone watching the red carpet pre-show? It’s raining so everyone’s got umbrellas.

Random observations so far:

Billy Bush is incredibly annoying. You can tell the celebs really don’t like talking to him.

Clooney was going along the bleachers, signing autographs.

Tea Leoni is gorgeous.

I thought Ricky Gervais was pretty funny during the opening.

A little too much pimping. Just because it’s overt doesn’t make it any less annoying.

Great acceptance speech by Monique.

Anyone see Mariah Carey on the red carpet? Good lord! :eek:
Yay for John Lithgow! He really was great on Dexter.

Rather would have seen Edie Falco win for best supporting TV but I’ve also never seen United States of Tara yet. Looooooved Nurse Jackie. The Lithgow win was great as was Mo’Nique - her performance in Precious was great.

Woah did not expect Michael C. Hall’s hat even though I knew he had cancer. And he just won!

Glenn Close looks hot! But going for Anna Paquin as we used to share a cello teacher.

The “Best Actor” category was funny for us because it was all our favorite shows that are still on the air: Dexter, Mad Men, House, and Big Love. We don’t watch The Mentalist but maybe we should?

I think Hugh Laurie is the best actor on television but any of those guys could win and I’d be happy for them.

Yay for Michael C. Hall! Lotsa love for Dexter.

I haven’t seen The Good Wife, but I like Margulies, so good for her. Nice jab at NBC, too.

Woot for all the *Dexter *love!

I am a big fan of T Bone Burnett, just glad to see him on the screen for a few seconds. “I’d like to thank everbody’s agent.” Ha ha ha. Nobody knows who he is and he’s produced half of my favorite albums.

The Academy is much pickier about song eligibility, so I’m hoping “Weary Kind” makes the cut.

2 Globes for Up.

Haven’t seen Julie & Julia yet, but it’s on my Netflix cue. Same goes for a lot of the nominated movies.

Meryl Streep is really cool.

The Julia Child stuff is great and the Julie stuff… well, who doesn’t mind looking at Amy Adams?

Love Meryl’s speeches–she’s always good.

Sigh, my love for Sandra Bullock was greatly diminished when she married that douchebag.

30 Rock is a good show but it seems like Alec Baldwin wins too often. It could be confirmation bias but geez.

Is Kristen Bell going to a toga party afterwards?

And I hate all those freaking Twilight douchebags.

Love that Ricky Gervais has a beer on the podium - just like in his hilarious HBO comedy special.

Christoph Waltz always has such interesting speeches based around the name of the award. (Critic’s Choice, Golden Globes.) I wonder what he’ll talk about when he wins the Oscar.