7 dead in Fresno

Not on the net yet, but about 300 yards from my house.

7 people were found dead, 3 women, 3 toddlers, and one infant. The apparent murderer surrendered to police after a 4-5 hour standoff. No news as to how they died but the guy supposedly came out covered with blood and the police cheif described the scene as “the most horrific scene he had ever encountered.”

Supposedly this came up as part of a custody dispute that took place last night.

I am still almost too shocked to comment.

Will post updates as I hear…

I am so sorry. I hope that it doesn’t turn out to be anyone you know.

They just had a brief report on the 10 o’clock news. (I’m in MN)

If one was in a custody dispute, you would think they cared about the kids. So why kill them?!

I realize that may have sounded insenitive to the women who also lost their lives. I meant no offense, really.


10 caskets in the home? Weird.

Ugh, all around.

It seems that Mr. Wesson’s occupation was marketing, unless there are two Marcus Wesson’s in Fresno.

(Link goes to a cache of a website that is currently unavailable.)

Of course, Mr. Wesson might not even be from Fresno. Neither WhitePages.com nor Switchboard.com can find any M., Mark, or Marcus Wessons in Fresno. Could be he’s unlisted though.

Now I have that Neil Young song stuck in my head.

Tin soldiers and Nixon’s coming
We’re finally on our own
This summer I hear the drumming
Four dead in Ohio

Here’s a slightly longer article in the local paper Link

Does any-one else find this ending rather odd?

And if it is only the largest since 1993, what is the largest ever?

The largest ever in Fresno? Or the largest ever by a single person in a single incident in modern history, sans explosives?

Largest ever in Fresno.

see original quote

"The nine deaths represent the largest mass killing in Fresno since 1993, when seven people were killed in the Carrillo’s Club murders in rural Fresno. "

The more I read that, the weirder it gets; where there a couple of dozen mass killings in Fresno in the last eleven years in which only six or fewer were killed? Or a couple of dozen before 1993 in which more that nine were killed?

Either could be inferred from that sentence.

There are suggestions that he fathered two of the slain children with his own daughters.

Suffering Christ.

I know its an old thread but we are all sitting here at work glued to the TV awaiting mr Wessons verdict.

The Jackson trial sureley eclipsed much of this outside of CA but it has been a daily part of the news here for months now…

the clock crawls as we wait…


So far…6 counts of Murder 1 guilty

This is the first time I’ve heard about this and it’s absolutely depressing. That festering pile of garbage still has the support of one of his daughters, even after raping her and killing her children. Sad.

I can’t imagine the jury would vote to do anything but give him the death penalty.

I’m slow. I just looked at the OP and said “Wow…this sounds an awful lot like tht other mass murder that happened in Fresno a couple years ago…”


How did it turn out?


Guilty, 9 counts of murder.
Guilty, 14 counts of molesting his daughters.

I can’t imagine what the government could do to properly punish this man that would not be considered cruel and unusual.

Was it first degree murder? Is he up for the death penalty?

Yep. But the death penalty’s too good for him, imho.