7 Jan 2021 and beyond - the aftermath of the storming of the Capitol

Cleta’s back…

I am watching the HBO doc “4 Hours at the Capital” right now and my thoughts are: FUCK these guys!

Five more subpoenas issued, including to Alex Jones and Roger Stone:

Ahhhh, Florida Man! It’s rare that he disappoints us!

As others have duly noted, he was just taking a stand.

I’m sure that those two will graciously comply, and their testimony will be promptly entered into the record. Running out the clock has never been so effective as it is with this investigation.

Don’t you think Alex Jones would relish a chance to perform before a congressional committee? He’s unlikely to be convicted of anything, and the fodder for his followers would be huge.

I suppose time will tell. But he’s also the least connected to the former administration politically, so most likely to have no pretend executive privilege. We’ll see, but I don’t see any of these guys willing to cooperate, even if cooperation is the law.

He can just say “No, I don’t wanna”

It seems that’s a perfectly acceptable excuse for Trumpers.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Jones has stated that he will invoke his fifth-amendment rights.

Jones claimed that he would probably plead the Fifth because he fears that the committee would “try to get catch him in a lie and get DOJ to prosecute him over it.”

“I can’t open my mouth because I’m likely to lie.”
Trump’s kinda people!

Lots of subpoena-ing. The subpoena-ing comes furiously…
“The Democratic-led House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol has issued a new round of subpoenas to far right extremist groups, including the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers.”

Countdown to Fox News breathlessly reporting:


Or they may claim that is some kind of “profiling!” because all the committee had to do was just look around and note everyone dressed as a witch.

17 defendants in the Unite the Right demonstration in Charlottesville ordered to pay $26 million.

I wonder if Lindell will ever realize that it was a massive conspiracy of 81,283,098 Americans to put Biden in the Whitehouse. When he figures that out, it’s going to blow his mind!

I’m going to memorize that number so I can flip it out at the next person who tries to tell me about the “conspiracy” to put Biden in the White House. Thank you for citing it.

“Everyone I know voted for Trump, so probably only a couple thousand voted for Sleepy Joe. Everything else was flipped or fraudulent!”