7 Jan 2021 and beyond - the aftermath of the storming of the Capitol

Darn tootin’.

It’s like writing a report on the sinking of the Titanic and not mentioning the iceberg:

Also worth a look:

Last night the Oregon house voted to expel Nearman, the first time this has ever happened in Oregon. The vote was unanimous (with the exception of Nearman).

Most of the Republicans in the Oregon House are right-wing loons, so I don’t want to give them too much credit, but it’s a relief they managed to briefly find a spine.

Glad to see the well-deserved and near-unanimous vote. Just hope he doesn’t turn around and get reelected by his district.

He can always be expelled again. It’s not like the crime he committed will disappear.

Note that what his R colleagues appear to be upset about is that he lied about there being more evidence against him, not that he lied about it being a premeditated act:

“About five weeks ago, as one of the closest colleagues he has in the Capitol, I asked ‘is there ANY further video or other evidence?’” Post wrote on his personal website. “He said ‘no.’ That is the crux of the problem: he lied. To me personally and to the Republican caucus.”
(From the article linked previously.)

Sounds like they are simply pissed that he did not cover it up better.

Chicago cop arrested for his part in the insurrection. It seems he was out to get him some commies!

A man who bragged about chugging wine at the Capitol riot is campaigning for office. He learned mid-interview he’s running for the wrong seat. (msn.com)

I think he should run on a temperance platform. That’ll lock up evangelical support.

USA Today has a nice comprehensive summary of the on-going round-up.

That’s a good summary, thanks - and searchable by name or state! (My wife will be pleased to know that there were apparently no Vermonters among the idjits there that day).

identified so far. The investigation is yet young.

It is a small state… :wink:

Any Rhode Island residents?

I heard sometime recently that 250 counties produced over 420 of the 880+ arrested insurrectionists.

So, it was date night for half the insurrectionists?

My hometown in West Virginia (population around 30,000) contributed 2 out of the 483 charged, nearly fifty times the number expected if the distribution of nutcases were uniform nationally.

Overachievement, West Virginia style!

Oh man, I just tuned into a House of Representatives hearing on January 6th - missed most of it, but I have a few takeaways.

I’m shaking my head at how disingenuous Chris Wray is. I get it, free speech, the FBI isn’t supposed to investigate anyone over speech. But calling the post-election “Stop The Steal” movement “online chatter? Repeating refusing to say that the motivation for the majority of the insurrectionists was the belief that the election was stolen? Give me a break.

And - you heard it here first- the Republicans are workshopping some new talking points……blaming the Capitol Police and DC mayor Muriel Bowser and insinuating that there was some sort of collusion between the Capitol Police and Democrats.

The narrative is that “Democrats realized that Trump supporters would riot if you made it really easy for them, by failing to provide a show of force the Democrats made the insurrectionists try to overthrow the government because it would make Trump look bad. It’s all part of their continued persecution of Trump.

I’m pretty sure that one reason they choose this angle is that as an added bonus they get to blame not one, but two, black woman.

Remember: conservatives are always the real victim.

Follow-up. The Chicago cop arrested in the insurrection lives with his parents.