75 year old impregnates 10 year old

Can this world get any more grotesque?

75-year-old man charged with impregnating 10-year-old

Ack. Very bad.

This is sick beyond words…

Unbelievable. A 10 year old - enticing a 75 year old man? This doesn’t even come close to making any sense at all. I’m horrified.




Yes, this world COULD get more grotesque. But not much more.


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Hes gonna be 95 when the kid completes high school.

That’s…disturbing, to say the least. God, I’m ashamed to live in a world where people like that live. Eww…

As precocious as kids are these days, I can believe the girl enticed him.

Which doesn’t excuse him for taking her up on the enticement, of course.

What an odd life that child’s going to have. When she’s 18, she’ll have a mom who’s only 29 and a dad who’s 93 or dead.


Just say no. I can understand the wonders of being jailbait, I was one once, but ten? Woosh.

Okay, we have already established that this is a sad and sick thing.
But I’m even wondering if the ten year old is even going to be able to deliver this child?
I went to school with a girl who had her second child at age 14. They took her first child from her and she ran away after she got pregnant with her second a year later.

I have two girls going on 12 and 13 and I couldn’t imagine (and don’t want to) what it would do to them.

Beyond the shock factor and obvious ethical aspects, I can’t help but wonder what the potential negative health impacts of pregnancy and giving birth at age 10 could be. Not only does it seem like a caesarian would almost be required, but the development of mother’s own body would likely be interrupted, and the baby’s chances of being born strong and healthy are probably far less than optimal.


All I have to say is:


So wrong…what is this world coming to?

Oohkay. Here’s what I gathered:

*Her mother, who reported the assault to police, said her daughter met Kave through an ‘‘Adopt-a-Godfather’’ program at the Harborview Towers housing complex.


*Kave has an extensive criminal record, including a 1984 sexual assault conviction in New Haven. *

Why wasn’t this guy SCREENED before being left alone with a 10 yr old girl!??!

I’m insanely sad over this. The complete irresponsibility it takes to leave a 10 year old child with a sex criminal. Christ.

how did these two have the time alone together to do this?

Apparently she met him as part of an adopt a god-father program

What in the name of hades were these people thinking when he was allowed to participate in the program ?