80s Song Identification Help Desired

I Googled first, but didn’t find anything.

I heard a song on the radio the other day that I remember hearing as a child. I think the song was released in the 80s.

The lyrics (as I remember them) are roughly:

“If I don’t find my (great place?)” repeated several times

Can anyone identify this song?

Under The Cherry Moon

by Prince

Definitely not that song. It’s nothing edgy; it’s something you might hear when an Adult Contemporary station decides to mix in 80s music.

Rio, by Duran Duran?

(first in!)

Not that song either. I’ve always liked that song, though!

Lost in Your Eyes, by Debbie Gibson? Lyrics aren’t exactly the same but maybe…?

No, the song I’m thinking of has a male singer doing the chorus. His voice sounds something like Howard Jones’s voice in “Everlasting Love,” I think.

Any more details? Maybe the gender of the singer might help?

Precious and Few by Climax Blues Band?
or older than you thought…and Sunburn by Fuel…?
No idea what these sound like, going only by the lyrics.

No, not those. I have Google "if I don’t find my . . . " to no success. I’m thinking it’s a mondegreen and the (male) singer is actually singing something else.

I was thinking something similar. That’s why I was searching for “if I can’t find my home” and got some hits. No clue where to go from here though.

You’re not thinking of If You Leave by OMD, are you?

Does the radio station have a website? If you remember approximately at what time you heard the song, many stations have their playlist for the last several days up.

Do you have an approx 80s date. Like first, middel or end of the 80s?

You said it was a man, do you have another singer who closely resembles the style?

This thread inspired me to look upon google once again, and I have struck pay dirt in the form of music that I had no idea who sang it , or even the correct title.

The problem has become that iTunes does not carry the music so I am curious what other music download sites are there, of the legal variety.

Song number one that had me stumped was a response to Oran Juice Jones, the rain.

It turns out that the song was called thunder and lightning , but the artist is in doubt.

Its either Chocolate Milk mama, or Cadi , or Candi Shannon. Youtube has the artist as Miss Thang ,but what ever.

The second song was called Roses are red , by the Mac Band which came out in 88, iTunes has only a karoke version and the actual band ,but only in video.

Whats napster like now a days , legit as far as giving them money ? The software okay as far as no malware and the like ?

Anything else I may have missed.


This might sound kinda far out , but do you remember who the president was ,when you first heard that song. Sometimes I miss decade the songs , either being late seventies or early nineties and think they were 80s.


No, the song’s more upbeat than that.

My Brave Face, Paul McCartney? Start at 1:50-ish.

That’s it, thank you!

Woo-hoo! You’re welcome.