_______ vs. _______ (Comic Book All-Time Battle + The Next Doper Decides)

Okay, seeing how successful the Doom vs. Luthor thread is I figured I’d try to start a semi-game thread on the same topic. The idea is that we propose fictional battles between comic book characters of all universes, and the next Doper who replies has to give his/her opinion, while ALSO proposing the next battle. The next Dope then gives their opinion.

No, you cannot go back three posts if you disagree, or would like to correct. Well, maybe we can wiggle there a little bit for answering some questions. But the general idea is to determine who wins the battle of the previous poster while starting a new one for the next.

Since I’m starting I’ll try this. Venom vs. Batman

Venom would basically be Killer Croc combined with Clayface so I think Batman handles this one. And I’m loathe to say it because I’m tired of Batman.

Next Fight:

The Hulk vs. Doomsday

Depends on what Hulk. Grey Hulk and stupid green Hulk get trashed by Doomsday. Professor Hulk, World War Hulk Hulk, and the Maestro take Doomsday apart. Brains and ruthlessness is what the fight is going to come down to and Doomsday has neither.

Classic Galactus and Silver Surfer vs. Mogo and a squad of Green Lanterns (we’ll say Kilowog, Ch’p, and Tomar Re)

Sheer brawn in a knock-down drag-out. I’d have to give the decision to Doomsday, if for no other reason than I don’t recall the Hulk ever beating Superman to death.

Next matchup:
Cosmic Boy vs Magneto

Depends which Cos and which Magneto.

Both of them have hit the same range of powers in different continuities. Presuming they’re both at the most powerful and skilled point that they’ve been shown at, I’ll give it to Mags, simply because he’ll be more ruthless than Cos, but it’s not a fight anyone with iron-based blood, or a lot of electronics on their person, wants to be anywhere near.

Lag made me miss my edit…

Bluejay vs Wasp.

Well, since Bluejay is based on Marvel’s Yellowjacket, I’d say his battle with the Wasp is most likely set in divorce court.

She cleans him out.

Mister Miracle vs. Arcade.

I had no idea who Mogo was until I looked him up, dear Og this sounds like a good scrap. I don’t think the Silver Surfer would have any trouble with those green lanterns (yah, I know this is the guy who was outsmarted by Dr. Doom), because I think powerwise he is comparable to Superman. And I know it’s outside the cannon, but in Red Sun Superman took out a whole army of Laterns with little more than a mean look. So I’d have to say that the Mogo would have to come up with some defense against being drained. Against Galactus though, I give it to Galactus the Devourer of Worlds.

:: hands Tomar Re an ultimate nullifier ::

uh oh!

Hold on, lemme break out my magifying glass here.

Wow! Look at em’ go!

Zing! Bang! Pow!

And our winner, The Wasp. And yes folks she does hit like a girl, but a girl who’s been fighting crime for longer than Bluejay.

Next round: Supreme (Liefeld not Moore version) vs. Crypt, stipulation is Supreme still has his powers and Mjolnir.

Wiki says that Supreme was killed by Crypt already, so not knowing much about either character, I’d have to say Crypt.

Next match, Spawn vs. Mister Sinister

MM is The Ultimate Escape Artist. He’s out before Arcade even gets him to Murderworld, unless he wants to play with him for a while.

Spawn. Sinister hasn’t survived the destruction of the universe, Spawn has. QED.

Captain America vs Commander Steel?

I figure Cap would gradually move the fight to the nearest junkyard, snag Steel with the electromagnet. The Ultimate version of Cap may go one step further and use the car crusher on him…

Squirrel Girl vs. Aquaman! :smiley:

Aquaman the worst video game of all time, or Aquaman the ruler of Atlantis who can yodel like a dolphin?

Enh, nevermind. Squirrels beat either one, really.

Oh yeah, next match. Apocalypse vs. Superman

Supes in a twelve issue crossover where his mind is taken over (again) acts as a horseman for Apocalypse but then shakes it off to come back and defeat him. Apocalypse is adaptable but it’s the kind of foe Superman has dealt with before (see the Cyborg Superman for a similar example). And I’ve got to say I’ve never been that impressed with Apocalypse’s planning abilities.

Next up… Flash’s Rogues Gallery vs. Batman’s enemies!

The Flash’s rogues have teamwork on their side. Batman’s villains include a few pathetic characters, but also whoever the head of the League of Assassins currently is (Talia? Cass?), a worldwide organisation who likely have the resources to counteract any problems the Rogues might bring up. And the Joker. I think they would work together, if only to backstab each other afterward. A victory to Batman’s guys, and then whoever is able to beat the others first. And the Joker.

Thor vs. Superman.

The battle rages on for issue after issue until Thor throws his hammer. It fails to return and Supes picks it up. Thor, remembering the inscription about worthiness and such, immediately recognizes Superman as a good guy. They share a few laughs and more than a few tears, and learn a lot about life, love, and each other.

Of course, new series Thor has the full Odinpower and would wipe the floor with Superman before you could say “thou.”

Let’s go full on super teams. Current Justice League vs. Mighty Avengers.

The current Justice League has way too many cosmic-level heavy hitters. Superman, GL, WW, the Flash… you name it. Plus Batman, if he’s… well, you know.

Nightwing vs. Night Nurse?

Hmm…I hate the Sentry, so I’m loathe to give him anything, but the Mighties do have a lot of grade-A muscle on their side.

The JLA have Superman (wait! who invited HIM in?) and WW plus the usual suspects, so it would be a tough one. Are we talking fight till knocked out or fight to the death? If death-fight, I pick Mighty Avengers, because the JLA hasn’t got anyone as insane as Ares, who’s basically Conan as a God.

If knock-out fight, at the end you’d probably have Superman (and maybe Geo-Force) still standing, surrounded by Wonder Man, Ares and Sentry. Winner there: Avengers.
My turn: Doom Patrol vs. Fantastic Four (original members).

And Revenant, I disagree about the Rogues vs. Batman’s crazies: the Rogues are used to fighting the Flash. The crazies are used to getting hourly shots of sedatives and being pummelled by a man dressed as a leather fetish bat. Talia’s resources are a factor, but they don’t show till after the fight’s over.

My money’s on the FF.

Chief’s intellect is on par with Reed’s but Reed can participate in a physical battle. Chief can be knocked out relatively easy. Robotman and the Thing will trade blows and complain about who has it worse until Torch comes along and fuses Robotman’s joints together. The power of Invisible Woman’s constructs outclass Elasti-Girl’s physical power. The Negative Man’s soul-self would be a slippery one but the FF could easily prolong the battle to beyond 60 seconds at which point he has to return to his physical body. Fight over.

Sentry vs. Bizzaro

Wait? What about Beast Boy? He could be the balance tipper! :smiley: ( I do like the lil green imp, though.)

Bizarro vs. Sentry. Unless Sentry outclasses Biz by a significant strength margin, it’s close but I pick Sentry, he’s just got more on the ball.

Sinestro Corps vs. the JSA (no Spectre).

True, but flip it around. The Rogues are based around defeating someone who can move very fast. Batman’s villains are based around defeating someone who has many ways of going about his job, and does so very intelligently. The Rogues are like a banana peel; useful as a weapon in pretty much limited circumstances, and not all that handy anyway. The nuts are more like a swiss army knife; adaptable and much more multi-faceted. :slight_smile:

This is a fun thread.