A baby, our baby! Beta is born!

What a little cutiepie! WOOHOO!!! Welcome Anya!


Treasure every moment (as though…). They don’t stay tiny newborns more’n five minutes, tops. But every day of growing and changing brings a new joy to treasure instead.

Be happy and proud (as though, again). Urendi Maleldil.

Congratulations Tokyo Player and Wife, and welcome to little Anya! What a beautiful baby, and such a loving family she has. Congratulations again. :slight_smile:

Ho‘omaika‘i ‘ana all around! She’s such a sweet little thing! Such a lovely name too, I’m so happy for you TokyoPlayer! Oh how I wish I could send gifts.
Such a blessed day we’ve all been waiting for with held breath. She has many happy aunties and uncles all around the world all smiling for her and you and the whole family.

I hope she makes you and mommy smile every day of your lives. :slight_smile:

squee! cute baby!
Congrats to you and yours!

Eh, she’s OK, I guess…



She’s flippin’ adorable!!! YAY!

Welcome, Beautiful Anya!

Congrats Tokyo and Mrs.! You’ve travelled a long road to this most wonderful day.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy in all my years here at the Dope to see another thread!

I’ve followed your troubles and heartbreaks and concerns, and have looked daily for the good news that Beta-Chan had arrived. And here she is! And she is beautiful! And TokyoWife has no business at all looking so good so soon after a C-section.

And you just look so incredibly joyous, and your writing has made me and my two oldest daughters cry!

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!

I’m glad to hear that after some panic, all is well and your little one is here and safe. Congratulations and many happy times to all of you.

Oh wow.
Happy sniffles coming to you from Australia - she’s beaut mate!


ETA: This shouldn’t be in MPSIMS it has to be the least mundane or pointlesss thing there is.

Mazal tov!

My face hurts from smiling. It’s wonderful to see how happy all of you are! She’s beautiful. And you picked a lovely name for her.



I saw this this morning and haven’t had time to do more than grin in the direction of the dope all day.

Congrats! I got sniffly when I read about Anya’s arrival! Very happy for you, TokyoWife and your daughter. :slight_smile:

Anya, welcome to this big beautiful world. I’m so very happy you have joined us. You are loved, and celebrated, the world over.

May you lead a long (but not particularly interesting) life, full of health, peace and joy.

Pictures = more tears. Such a lot of happiness that little baby has brought!!!

That did it; I’m bawling, now, damn you.

This needs to be translated, caligraphied in kanji, and hung over her crib.

And now I see there were pix posted, and a post by TokyoPlayer about holding Beta-chan for the first time.


Beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby. I wish you all much joy in the days to come with little Beta-chan.

Congratulations! Best wishes for you and Mom, and a long and beautiful life for Anya.

That girl is. So. Adorable.

Not that you need me to tell you that!

Congratulations TokyoFamily. It’s so wonderful to see a happy beginnning…

<riffles through a few pages in the Big Book Of Social Skills For The Clueless Bachelor>


“That is the most beautiful baby ever.”

(Seriously, though, that’s a cute kid, and both mom and dad are glowing. Congratulations!)