A brand-new bon-bon from James Lileks!

His Shag Horrors of 1970s decor! Enjoy—


eve, how funny, i spent a couple hours last night looking at that. james lileks is brilliant, i say, brilliant. hes erudite as all get out, smarmy but funny as hell, and a pretty darned astute social critic too.

to all those dopers that havent been: go to lileks.com, and visit the institute of official cheer. his cookbook collection alone is worth a visit, but theres so much more. one of my very favorite web destinations.

Dammit, Eve. You owe me a new set of cones for my eyes.
AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!! The colors. The colors. I had to stop looking after a few pages.

Glad to meet another Official Cheer fan, essvee! Lileks has given me many laff-induced cases of hiccups. You may want to click onto my last Lileks Appreciation Thread:

I think “Sweet jumping Jesus, what was wrong with these people?” pretty much says it all. Yikes, but that was scary. My friends and relatives had ALL that crap all over their houses when I grew up. Thank god we didn’t have enough money for interior decorating; we just had furniture and books. Whew!

This man is a genius!


I’ve had this site bookmarked since someone here pointed out the “Dorkus” clothing line. It’s a guaranteed laugh.

It’s the piccolo of the gods!!!

I swear, my Groovy Aunt Barbara had EVERY ONE OF THESE ROOMS in her house. When I close my eyes, I can still see her first-floor bathroom, with the psychedelic mirrored wallpaper . . .

I was lucky that my own house was furnished in 1957 and stayed that way till we sold it 20 years later. Very Populuxe, with blond-wood furniture and a smattering of good family antiques. Only a few 1970s horrors snuck their way in over the years (most of them now that I think of it, given to us by Aunt Barbara!).

The ass’t. production editor walked into my office while I had this on my screen—


—and said, “Oh, isn’t that pretty!” Those of you who know me realize that when I say I was “struck speechless,” I am really being emphatic . . .

Wassamatter you Eve? Don’t you know good taste when you see it? :smiley: The person who decorated that place probably things the interior of the MGM Grand in vegas is opulent. Personally I think it looks like a stadium size version of an old lady’s bathroom.

Count me among Lileks fans. He has the rarest of gifts, a wicked sense of the absurd that still has heart.

Sheesh, and I thought I was bad for having Danish modern in a Victorian. Makes me look like a raw beginner.

My eyes are bleeding.