A Bunch Of Random Charts

I always wonder about the accuracy of these things. But I don’t eat a lot of melon anyways.

For those unsure whether this is click-worthy, so am I. But there are interesting charts on tattoo discomfort, gun seizure, Bigfoot sightings by state, giant cephalopods, giant Africa and other random things. I must say I’m a sucker for good graphic design.

I come here to the Dope for random information. Do they have a chart about us?

I thought that was the whole purpose of Pinterest–charts for random knowledge.

Looks like my favorite pistol, the Ruger P95, was the most seized. I put about 12,000 rounds through mine before it seized up. Broke the locking lug. Ruger fixed it for free.

What’s with all the cats in West Virginia?

The tattoo pain chart is actually pretty accurate IME.