A certain mod is locking all my threads.Anything I can do?

Not sure if this lives here,but it’s starting to worry me.I’ve never really had any problem with my threads being locked…maybe the odd one or two here or there. Now I’ve had about four locked in a few days.All by the same mod(the same one who locked my earlier ones)for not particularly convincing reasons(someone else suggested this idea before and it didn’t work,I’m not too keen on this idea or even just I disagree with this thread,so it’s being locked)I’ve had ones in the wrong forum which instead of being moved have been locked up.
I’ve never had any threads locked by any other mod and now every thread I start is being locked down by the same mod.It’s looking like this mod is not closing them because there’s something offensive or duplicated or something wrong with them but just because it happens to be me starting the thread.Anything I can do?

Since this could easily be read as criticism of a mod’s actions, it should have gone in the Pit, not in ATMB (at least IMO; I’m not trying to play Junior Mod. on you, but merely echoing the standard).

Second, links to the threads in question would have been useful.

Third, it’s really easy for someone with a particular frame of mind (e.g., your focus on justifying Christianity) to mistake stating his perspective for common-consent factuality. To take an example without being insulting, Ralph124c’s views on what he considers a reasonable political stance have led him to open or comment in threads in GQ in a way that have struck others as controversial or even confrontational – which is not acceptable in GQ. And it’s possible that what you intended as open-ended discussion, your phrasing led a Mod. to read as witnessing or otherwise “glurgey” – and hence he/she properly closed it.

You also have to bear in mind where the threads are getting locked down. If it’s in one certain forum, there’s little mystery why it’s the same mod who locks them down. And bear in mind that the validity of a mod’s reasons are subjective.

Also, I see 2 threads that were locked in the last month. (Maybe I missed some somewhere, I just searched on threads you started.)

As for the Cecil-SDMB awards, they have been tried before, and they don’t turn out well - even though it’s well intentioned, it never fails that someone’s feeling gets hurt, and it almost never fails that someone will take the opportunity to trash someone instead of extol their virtues.

And the Christmas thread was pretty straightforward as well, IMHO.
Of course, the standard, IANAMod disclaimer.

I wanted just to raise a little flag and say ‘This doesn’t seem right.Can someone else on Mods check it out’ before sending it off to the Pit.Hopefully it could be sorted before descending into there and being lost in an argument.

One Doper posts that ‘we tried this before and it didn’t work’ and it’s immediately locked,thus preventing any chance of it working successfully second time round…

It’s not that it’d be only the “second time round,” though - the SDMB has been here for years and has a long history, and these popularity contest-type threads tend to end up very badly. Heck, even the informal “hottest/neatest Doper” threads tend to attract a lot of “my name never ends up here” sulk posts.

First, the Christmas thread was clearly witnessing, and you put it in the wrong forum. Second, THIS thread belongs in the Pit, so I’ve moved it there. Third, the SDMB hasn’t tried popularity contests just one time, it’s happened quite a few times, and we’ve always had a lot of hurt feelings during these things.

I advise you to read the forum descriptions much more closely. I’d also advise you to remember that the SDMB is not primarily a social board, though there are social aspects of it. There are plenty of purely social boards out there, if that’s what you want. People who try to change the basic focus of the SDMB are just about always disappointed and frustrated.

For the Straight Dope

Since you don’t seem to understand . . .

What usually happens is not unlike this:

OP: Let’s have a happy fun-fun huggy love contest!

Poster A: I nominate Poster X the happiest fun-fun of all!’

Poster B: Poster X? He’s a fucking asshole! I thought no one liked him. Well, I guess I’ll nominate him too . . . nominate him to get kicked in the balls!

Poster C: Poster B totally eats cock, and so does Poster X. Fuck you all.

Poster D USA! USA!


It is because all the mods hate you guts. They drew straws to see which lucky mod would get the thrill of following you around and closing all of your threads, including this one.
Yeah, these mods are crazy! I’d watch my back and my front if I were you. They all belong to The Jack Rodack School of Crazy Fucks.

I’m only talking like the close, personal friends that we are Iceland_Blue. You know me enough to know that I never joke about anything at any time for any reason. If you do not want the SDMB goon squad arriving at your door, I would not walk, not run but skip like a little girl in a hoop skirt and get yourself some protection. I hear they now make the protection ribbed and lubricated. Only don’t let Jack Rodack find out.

I always find it easier to put in this disclaimer now, then to have to explain later that I was and am joking. Even with the disclaimer, people still take shit like this seriously. That’s because people are stupid.

I want a poll for “Who is the most heavily medicated doper?”

Oh … and I almost forgot… USA! USA!

Maybe you could try combining “witnessing” and “popularity contests”, e.g.

Which is the best member of the Trinity:
Jehovah (God the Father)
Baby Jesus
the Holy Spirit

Who inspires the most terror?
Who is the nicest?
Who makes the best tongues of flame?
Who would you choose to exorcise a demon?

And here, now, the top ten polls you will not see on the Straight Dope Message Board.

Number 10: Who are the most likely to correct your grammar, spelling, typos, and inconsequential mistakes of fact?

Number 9: Who are the splurgiest kitten lovers?
Number 8**: Who are the most humorless mopes who need a smilie to reach out and slap their gaping jaw shut so that they realize its a joke?

Number 7: Most pathetic sock puppets.

Number 6: Dumbest posters who keep bringing attention to sock puppet trollism by asking for a poll about most pathetic sock puppets.

Number 5: Likeliest to get banned by next week.

Number 4: Posters you’d most like to wish death on.
Number 3**: Most likely to fake their death, suicide attempt, or personal tragedy.

Number 2: Whiniest.

And the Number 1 poll you will not be seeing on the SDMB: Who are the most spoil sport asshole Dopers who keep telling people that Cecil is fictional?

Duh. It’s KISS.

I like Vishnu. Yes, I do!
I like Vishnu. How 'bout you?

Let’s see now, who is that in the picture? Must be Mods, so I’m guessing Ukelele Ike and Lynn Bodoni (faking us out pretending to be a woman and all.) Nice outfits. Looks very comfortable.

Assuming your posting history is accurate, you’ve started a grand total of two threads that got locked. I don’t think you should be worried about a mod having a grudge.

Biggirl, do you know the context for that awesome photo you posted?

No I do not. Someone on LJ posted it and I ganked it without a second thought.

Cisco totally eats cock, and so does Iceland Blue. Fuck you all.

[sub]That’s right, friends! I am the mysterious Poster C! Ha HA![/sub]

I love you.