A chocolate *cross*?!?

As I was in the grocery store the other day I happened to cruise by the Easter candy display. There, in with all the chocolate eggs and the chocolate bunny rabbits was…a chocolate cross.

Now, I’m not a Christian, and I never have been, so maybe my reaction is a tad off here but…isn’t this just a little–weird?

“The instrument of torture and death upon which our Lord and Saviour sacrificed Himself for the redemption of all mankind…in milk chocolate or white chocolate!”

Oh well. At least it didn’t actually have Jesus hanging off of it.

Yup, that’s weird.
But if I were a Christian parent, it might be easier to give a child chocolate in that form rather than have to explain to my child why he/she didn’t get any candy. As the child got older, I’d rationalize the eggs as part of the post-Lent celebration.
Still, weird. I’d rather they went with the fish symbol or a lamb or something other than the cross. What was that company thinking?

Where are you folks from? We’ve had chocolate crosses (and lambs) for years around here.

Never as popular as the giant 3-pound chocolate peanut butter meltaway bunny, of course.

[sub]mmmmm…peanut butter meltaway bunny…[/sub]

Eww…jayjay, they took a perfectly good giant chocolate bunny and put peanut butter in it? What were they THINKING?

Of course you have to have chocolate crosses. There’s a Chocolate Jesus right?

When the weather gets rough
And it’s whiskey in the shade
It’s best to wrap your savior up in cellophane
He flows like the big muddy but that’s ok
Pour him over ice cream for a nice parfait

Waits refers to “Chocolate Jesus” as “The Immaculate Confection”. :smiley:

Bad link. If you want the lyrics, scoll down on the left frame and click on “Chocolate Jesus”

A while back somebody posted a jpeg of the chocolate cross and the dopergentsia posted in with info about how hot cross buns & pretzels were originally commemorative of the crucifixion.

As a atheist, I’m cynically pleased to not be suprised - after all, Jesus was enhanced from status of teacher to that of god to appeal to the most primitive elements of society. And among the extremely primitive societies cannibalism is a common means of literally ingesting the spiritual ideas with actual foodstuff. Now if I could only purloin some of that consecrated communion wine and sell it back to a Catholc hospital’s plasma center…

What? Just a plain old chocolate cross? Our local Wal-Mart sells chocolate crosses that have a raspberry filling in them. I bought quite a few of them last year just because the whole idea is so perverse to me. And I’m not even Christian.

Hey jayjay, I’m from California and I’ve never seen a chocolate cross. But I’m going to go looking for one now. I’ve probably never seen one because I don’t normally eat molded “chocolate”. It’s not worth the fat.