A-choo! The MMP

Morning everyone.

I’m up. I’m sick. I have to go to work anyways.


And if you didn’t see my rant in my other thread, the ER and ER doc charged me $1400 to check out my bright light in my eye. The eye doctor charged me $45.

Double rah.

Alex, I’d like MMP titles/movie characters for $800, please.
What is Robin Hood, Men in Tights?

Oh yeah, also FIRST!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 53 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 64 for the day and might or might not be rainy. Also it’s kinda windy out which means there will be pollen blowin’ around everywhere. ICK!

{{{StickyBuns}}} feel better soonest. Hope your day goes well.

Does anybody else find it odd that the first thing Spidey thought about was men in tights. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, that’a all I got for now. I need more caffiene and some brekkie for rumbly tummy. Then, alas and alack, 'tis Moanday so irk purtification must commence.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Good morning everyone!

Munching on Breakfast Chili (regular chili, damn early) before grabbing my gear and heading for the airport. Don’t know when I’ll be able to pop back in but our reports should start today @ www.wusa9.com .

At least the weather doesn’t look that bad down your way Swampy!

See ya!


Morning all,

Hope ya feel better soonest Sticky.

Blurfy week ahoy!

Blurf. I need to do laundry and get Polly Subaru’s tires rotated today.

(groan) Today’s bad enough as far as prying out of bed, tomorrow will be worse, since I have to be at work an hour earlier. Supposedly going to rain tomorrow and Wednesday, today will allegedly feature record HIGH temperatures. Ugh.

Happy Moonday!

Not so happy really, the realtors daughter is sick so we are meeting up tomorrow instead. Tomorrow is supposed to snow but I come hell or high water I am going.

It’s a cool 26 degrees out now, it’s burning up in here though. Somebody probably pushed the thermostat up. It’s supposed to get up to 40.
I wonder if I can sneak in a load of laundry today since I won’t be here tomorrow.

Cold. Why is it in the 30s this morning?

We started replacing the 25-year wooden support posts on the front porch this weekend (Saturday, when it was WARM!!!), and found a lot of rot in the wood where the posts connect to the roof. Replacing the posts was going to test the limits of our carpentry skills - correcting the source of the water into that part and replacing all of the rotted wood falls squarely beyond our abilities. So today I’ve got to find a professional that can actually do this work.

I hope everyone else is doing okay.

really blurfy today.

It’s afternoon and I still have the same blurf I had this morning when I got here.

Greetings, Mumpers!! The answer to the question “When would I wake up if I didn’t have to get up at a specific time?” is “Around 7.” Higgs has been sleeping in also. My internal clock has reset to staying up till 10-1030 ish and getting up at 7-ish. We started the day by dropping the car off for an oil change and going to the gym. My legs and arms feel like jello, but I guess that means I’m accomplishing something. Perhaps?

We haven’t broken past freezing yet, at least according to my weather gadget. We might see 40° today. Blah.

**sari **- I don’t think snow will be an issue for you tomorrow - there’s not supposed to be much accumulation, plus it may mix with rain.

Today’s plans include finishing the afghan - I’ve got 3 more strips to attach to the growing body, then a round or two to finish the edges. Not sure what else I might do - maybe venture into my studio? We shall see. We will have to go pick up the car and I’ve got a package to mail to my sister in Baltimore. That’s the sum total of the excitement.

**Sticky **- I hope you’re covering your mouth when you sneeze - you don’t want to make the rest of us sick! :stuck_out_tongue: Feel better!

Happy Moanday!

Morning. I’m up, caffeinated, and enjoying a chilly day off.

I got to the Pour House at the start of the opening act. It was 15-20minutes before I spotted Jim, they had him running. I got to introduce myself between bands, and we chatted during the band when he was doing “sound checks”. I liked the band so much, I picked up a LP after the show. I had a fun night, and the only axes were on stage.

Feel better, sticky!

Hi everyone. I’m nuttering around in class because I was let loose on a computer.

I have some new music to learn now! (For an upcoming concert.) I’ll look at it tonight. Oh yay, some of it’s in D-flat major. :slight_smile:

Just hung a load of jeans out on the lines - it’s still below freezing out there - ugh. But the sun is out, so with luck, they’ll all dry before they’re shaded by the house. At most, they’ll have a short toss in the dryer.

**FCD **is planning the next 2 bits of artwork, to be put on the front fender. I’m still thinking about what to do today.

Eating my soup and feeling better than I was.

Had a weird conversation with my mother, kind of a Twilight Zone moment. We’re the only ones here today except for Sah-son so we can talk freely. Anyway, yesterday she told all of us we have to move, she can’t take it anymore and everybody out. Which is fine by me, I’m on my way anyway. So she starts to talk and then she says she’d better watch what she says because she thinks the house is bugged. Whoa! because I have been feeling the same way.
Paranoia??? I don’t know but I know the male half of the HFH has the knowledge to do it and I know the female half is incredibly nosy. It’s just a weird feeling I’ve been having.
And, to surprise the hell out of me, she said that if she finds out they are listening in she will send them both to jail. She is really really pissed at all of us but I think she is over the top pissed at them. She said she has been telling the HFH to stop her bullshit and to stop the constant poke poke poke at me. She’s mad at me for blowing up at the bitch and she says she doesn’t want to hear my cussing like that. I said but you weren’t here to hear it so how do you even know?
The HFH latest idea is that they want to stay here until they sell a rental property and then use the money from that house to buy another house. Gee, I thought he was looking for work in Texas, or California, so why sell the house here and buy another one here? Mom told them to go live in the rental but of course the HFH couldn’t possible live in anything less than a McMansion. What it comes down to is what I have said all along, they want me out so they can take over. Mom is going car shopping today and the male half said to her why are you buying a car you never drive anyway. Well she would be driving if my niece hasn’t had her car for almost a year. It’s her money, she can spend it however she wants. I’d never in a million years tell my mother how to spend HER money. I think they see it as their share of the inheritance going down the drain. Fortunately I think my mother is starting to see it too.
One of my friends used to work with the elderly and she said in their training classes she learned one of the first signs of elder abuse is when the kids are oh so concerned that mom or dad shouldn’t be driving anymore. One of the first steps to taking control is to take away their mobility and freedom. That was one of the first things the HFH said to mom was that she was too old to be driving herself around. Then it started with the gee mom, have you forgotten how to cook? Little comments all the time just to undermine her confidence. I’m the bad lazy one because I won’t help mommy out. Mommy doesn’t need my help and if she does she has a mouth to ask for it.
You’d think they’d step in and help my niece out instead of depending on mom to do it. No, they’ll live in an expensive house and have big flat screen TVs and drive a Lexus and sponge off mom, but they won’t do a damn thing to help out any of their kids. Why should they? Mom always steps in for my nieces and his ex-wife takes care of his kids.
I’ve never seen two more selfish, self-righteous, self-centered assholes as those two.
I hope she gets them out of here before I go, otherwise I think she will never get them out.

Well, I did not get the tires rotated because I had a “I Don’t Want To Deal With People” moment as I was pulling into the parking lot, so I promptly backed out and came back home. Looks like it’s going to be one of *those *days.

{{{sari}}} Here’s hoping a well-placed meteorite lands on one of the HFHs. Or maybe a Canadian Trap-Door Allligator.

Oooh, the alligators sound more likely! From the description: “Canadian Trap Door Alligators reside primarily along the northeaster border between Canada and the United States although sightings as far south as Maryland are not unheard of.

This morning was the first Monday morning in a very long time when I woke up without piteously crying to be left alone. In fact, I climbed out of bed and started talking to Cleo (Thing #1, the one who pees in the fireplace) in a happy, cheerful voice before I froze and asked myself where all that had just come from. From my non-depressed brain, it would seem. Wowzers.

So, as the sun is shining, I am doing my best to make hay. Emptied the trash cans and took the trash out before I left, fed the kitties tuna (oh, they lurves me, they do), brought in my new-to-me Kindle Fire to plug in and charge up. Kept a list of things in my head of Stuff To Get Done.

Then, I arrived at work and was ambushed by fiendish work fiends. Drives don’t load properly for offshore contractors! That one program that sucks went away and now everyone misses it! That one account which needs to be created but doesn’t have a viable clinic name still doesn’t have a viable clinic name! Printers break! Monitors stop working! Lists of 53 accounts must be updated! DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER! MASS HYSTERIA!

And, uh . . . actually, I’m kind of having fun.

So there, depression. Up yours. :smiley:

Yesterday, I ordered some new cookie sheets and a basting brush. UPS just delivered the basting brush. It was in a 2 cu ft box filled mostly with airbags. I hate to think how big a box will come with 4 baking sheets… :eek:

We’ve got the car back after its oil change, and I filled the tank. It’ll be interesting to see how long before we have to fill again since I’m no longer commuting. Well, interesting for me - I doubt that any of you care. But that’s fine. Pay no attention to me. I understand…