A complaint about these bogus titles

I just posted in another thread, and boy was I disappointed that I didn’t get promoted to mod, or summarily banned, or something equally wonderful.

So what gives? Do I have to have icky stuff dripping from my fingers? (sorry, NineToTheSky)

ETA-- see? I’m still a member! Is it because we’ve reached thirteen?

If you wish, I will attempt to undertake proceedings to bequeath my moderator status to you and hence reinstall my turgid member.

Or go to bed.

I’m not sure I want to hinder you and the free exercise of your member. The state of its flacidity shouldn’t be anyone else’s concern. Except maybe your wife.

But, ahh, thanxverymuch anyway.

Happy now?

The assignment of new titles is set by a random generator, the mods and administrators have no control whatsoever. Really. None.

Marley23: Ecstatic. Or whatever passes for ecstatic in my present state of bemusement and confusion.

Dex, some would say that sounds like the usual Admin dissembling and shifting of blame. I would never say that, you know. Surely you do know, right? But some would. Just so you know. You know?

Now I’ve gotta go herd me some pussies. Er, some cats. Where’s my shepherd’s crook?

Hey, is it free titles day? Want!

We’ll see.

Color me dubious.

Sorry, that one doesn’t come in the 64-pack from Crayola.

This post has been dubioused by the dubiousist!

It used to come in the 128-pack, but it was replaced in 1978 by burnt umber.

Isn’t burnt umber an effete liberal color? Damn the downhill slide of civilization caused by runaway liberal philosophy!

I keep checking to see if I have a snazzy new title. No luck so far.

Me and you both.

Why do they hate us so? :frowning:

As a newly appointed Illustrious Potentate I will consider all requests for custom titles that are accompanied with an appropriate gift.

Hmmmm. First time posting today; let’s see if I get a snazzy new title?

Nope. Apparently, I don’t get any Dope Lurve, either. :frowning:
This will probably ruin the entire next 30 seconds of my life. . .

You may not get lurve, but I can fix you up with a couple of kittens. Guaranteed quality, no cheap offshore crap. The best of the best, if you know what I mean…

I dunno about you guys but I’m consoling my lack of Nifty Titlage with Kahlua and ice cream. Feel free to join in and afterward all us guests and charter members are going to go lounge around the pool and ogle all the cute guys. Dubiously, of course.