A couple of questions about,I don't know, maybe...ORAL SEX!

A couple of decades ago, I used to love to ingest some super-stimulant, some acid, some MJ and lots of alcohol and then get(read go) down and stay there for the better part of three days, repeating whatever drugs as needed. At the end of that time my face looked like a pizza that had been thrown into a rotary mower, but I didn’t waste my time thinking about that beforehand. My object was to get my partner off as many times as possible and when I felt the end of the trip approaching, to get me off in a screaming, superhuman ejaculation, take some downers and collapse.

One question is:
How many of you like to give/get oral sex until completion?

Another is:
My SO said she saw an Oprah show on which a panel of teenagers said that it’s now common for high school kids to have oral sex. In fact they don’t consider it sex, just release/fun. I don’t know if Clinton convinced them of that, or the other way around, but they consider it safer sex than missionary or anal. Supposedly this goes on IN school, in bathrooms,etc.
They said that this is a country-wide phenomenon, a sort of frenzy of tongues and lips in our places of lower learning, if you will.

Before I sign up to go back to high school, has anyone else seen this show or have information on this trend? Is it just some plot to get kids to school on time?

The girls are so much prettier, now.
“I’m sorry, I must have been daydreaming; I thought you said they all give blowjobs now”. “Hee,hee, wouldn’t that be…WHAT?”

whoa there ageless one. Three days?!?

If it takes three frigging days to complete the act to fruition maybe you need to cut down on the chemicals just a bit.

re your questions.

  1. yes.

  2. I haven’t a clue if it is true or not but I have heard similar claims, although it is usually on some trash talk show where the topic is “are you 14 and sexualy active?”

Maybe with all the chemicals it just seemed like three days.

Oh, and thanks for the visual, ageless6. Just yesterday I was mowing my front lawn when the Domino’s guy delivered to my neighbor. Next time that happens, I’ll probably start thinking about sex.

I’m not sure about high schoolers, per se, but my 18-year-old sister and her friends (college freshmen) don’t think oral sex counts as “real sex.” This doesn’t mean that they’re going down on every guy/girl they meet, but they just don’t see oral sex as being as serious as penetration.

[sub]As for question one… Yes, I’m a big fan of giving/getting oral sex to/from my sweetie.[/sub]

Damn if I weren’t engaged Serendipity I’d be asking for your sisters number…
I love getting and giving Oral “stimulation”.

It’s just…nice. Like a christmas present…

Oh and I think completion is very lovely…yes…lovely…

I often give to completion. I like to receive to completion.

About Oprah’s oral sex thing–I think I saw part of that show. I guess oral sex really is becoming super-common and not “real sex” in the minds of a lot of teenagers. Or at least this is the way that it seems. Wasn’t there a case not long ago where some people got in trouble when some girl blew a couple guys in the middle of a class room–I’m wanting to say this took place in Georgia . . . not sure how accurate the story is, but it was on the news.

Man, when I was in school, oral sex was like the ultimate. In my mind it was even better and “dirtier” than “regular sex.”

The Mermaid:

Now Cindi, I didn’t say it took me three days to get off. I said the object was to get my partner off as many times a possible and hold back on my own completion until the end of the trip was in sight.

By the way, I’m originally from a small town in NE Ohio named Ravenna, which is about 30 miles south of the Ohio sea of Lake Erie. Are you RNing anywhere near there?

  1. Yes, to any question involving oral sex

  2. I wasn’t aware of any such trend. Why when I was your age…

I love to give and receive, giving more than receiving. And yes, to completion of course.

I once asked my ex-girlfriend some things, and she told me that she’d rather have one good orgasm than the half dozen or so she usually has. That surprised me a little. You know us guys, the more they have, the better we feel-maybe that’s not how they feel though…

17 year-old male highschool student checking in…

As for number 2, How come no one tells ME these things?! :frowning:

Seriously, there is some promiscuity going on, but no girls are walking into the commons area during lunch and shouting “OK WHO WANTS A BJ?” Oral is at least as common as any other type of sex, probably more so since there is no risk of pregnancy and a much reduced risk of most STDs. There’s certainly no “only slutty girls give head!” attitude.

No I am down in the southwest corner near Cincinnati and Dayton and I work in Dayton at Miami Valley Hospital. MVH is a huge place-900 patient beds, and I thing a 5 or 6 thousand employees.

I have to say I am just a little curious as to why you hold back for 2 or 3 days. Couldn’t you just have one orgasm a day? Or maybe two if they are small ? :smiley:


The reason I held back was, I just loved doing it. Crystal did that to me. During breaks I was champing at the bit, so to say, to get back down there.

As to small orgasms, huh? That, as far as I know, is reserved for youse broads. Mmm, broads…