A drink

I have come up with a drink, because I am brilliant.

Smirnoff, the most trusted name in Vodka other than Absolut and a couple of others, has recently released “Twisted Smirnoff” (“Hard Liquor for the Kid in You!”), essentially, flavored 70-proof vodka.

If you mix vanilla vodka with Ornage Soda, it is lovely. The Smirnoff website makes no mention of this, so I am posting it here.

Dig it.

flup till you collapse and they have to induce vomiting

The only drinks I’ve ever made up have been pretty simple. One, that I made up a lame name for that I have since forgotten, was Vodka, Orange soda, and Cranberry juice. It tastes good. The other one, which surprises people but is really good, is Kahlua and Cream Soda. Mmmmm. I also like Rum and Dr. Pepper as a change of pace from Rum and Cokes.

Good suggestions…DAM now i need a drink…LOL

Rum and Coke is nasty anyway.


Funny you mention that - I just had Vanilla Stoli’s and Diet Orange Crush last night (and I thought I was clever for havin thunk it up). It’s damn good though…they go down way too easy :wink: I’ve been counting calories and there really aren’t very many low cal alcoholic beverages. I’m getting kind of sick of light beer, even if it is Canadian light beer.

One night, I and/or the people I was with at the time came up with the idea of adding butterscotch schnapps to a Wendy’s Frosty. The result was pretty damn good.

I drink Stoli Vanilla and cream soda quite often. Yummmmyyyy…

Fireball whiskey and Coke is pretty good- what you end up with is cinnamon soda.

At a bar where I used to work they made several different flavoured vodka drinks.

The flavours included:
Mars Bar
Milkybar (white chocolate bar in the UK)
After Eight Mint (after dinner type chocolate mint)

and possibly the worse flavour ever, imho…

I know there were some more flavours, but I just can’t remember them.

Essentially what they did was just add flavouring to the vodka, except for the chocolate ones. These were made by melting down a chocolate bar (or a few) and putting in a blender with vodka, et voila!

The Milkybar one was goooooooooood


Ok, I’ve posted elsewhere about this but still have not received a Nobel prize for my work, so here it is again-- take notes:
If you make a Tom Collins with sloe gin it tastes exactly like the old Zebra-Stripe bubble gum.


A concoction that myself and some friends of mine came up with when I was a freshman in college.

1 part vodka, always the cheap stuff.

1 part Mad Dog, the Banana Red Flavor

1 can of Mountain Dew,

It is hard to remember the exact proportions to this recipe since it had to tendency to get you really drunk that evening and really sick the next day. It did taste good, though.

If it had Mad Dog in it, it should have made you sick immediately.

On a related note, has anyone here ever tried Wild Irish Rose? If you haven’t, don’t.
My very favorite drink (since I brought it up):

Many people think this sounds weird or terrible. Let’s be openminded here folks.

The Unit Pie
(named for its inventors. You are in the presence of “Moon UNIT”)

1 shot Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum
1 cup Chocolate Milk.
Stirred not shaken
Mixed with a Spork
Drank only after the Unit Pie Toast, which I will not repeat here.

Despite what you think, it works. I highly recommend it. Give 'er a try. Naturally you can forego the Unit Pie toast, but I cannot compromise with the Spork.

flup under the pressure

I am giving up a part of me by allowing this recipie for the BEST DRINK EVER to go out into the world…but it needs a better home than the occainal college party.

1 shot vodka
1[sup]1[/sup]/[sub]2[/sub] shot triple sec
ginger ale
shake or stir at this point
slowly add grenadine so that it falls to the bottom and looks really cool

drink and enjoy.

I also enjoy this little beauty:
1 shot vodka
1 shot amaretto

tastes kinda like Dr.Pepper

flup, please tell me you don’t work in advertising. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, but my dad does.

I was being a funny flup. Joking and soforth. Evidently I failed.

Also I am drunk. The SDMB is ever so much more amusing in such a state, I really must recommend it.
Oh yeah. It’s off of Smirnoff and Sunkist, not Unit Pies.
Dig it.

Flup responsibly. Know when to say flup.

It’s 12:30 in the morning and all I’ve got in the house is sake and cooking sherry…

Oh, what the hell…

It’s 12:30 in the morning and all I’ve got in the house is sake and cooking sherry…

Oh, what the hell…

Dammit! You see! YOU SEE!

1 part orange juice, 2 parts vodka, and 1 part milk of magnesia
A phillips screwdriver.

Capybara, I’m with you. I’ve posted this brilliant concoction of mine before, but received no kudos.

Take a beer, and drop a shot of Amaretto in it. That’s all.
It will taste exactly like Dr Pepper, which made me formulate my theory that the “secret ingredient” in Dr Pepper is some sort of almond extract.